Friday, May 2, 2014


So what do you do when you no longer know what to do?

I'm ready to throw up my hands and say 'I'm done'.  You win.  Everyone's darling - sweet and helpful to those of importance. Yet cold and walled up to me. I know I'm not alone but I have to work in the 'chill zone'.

My day has gone from trying to get enough details to finish a job when asked - to having tasks explained and not being able to find them to finish - to being told the tasks exist but they will be passed on.

When talking about the problem, the things shared were deflected.  This is when I shut down.  I was blown away by the finger pointing.  Of course the thing we all know about finger pointing - if you are pointing one at me - there are three more pointing back at yourself.

For months now I've been tracking tasks with information to share or pass down or making inquiries with no response in return.  How is this communicating?

I love the people I work with...  It's what keeps me coming back. They are reassuring.  They are positive and upbeat.  They confirm - it's not me. If it pertains to the masses you are disinterested.

This had the potential to be a great situation for two people.  If you had just stopped worrying about being the most valuable to everyone.  Instead of being threatened by my help, share information that would enable me to do a better job.  A better job for BOTH of us.  It isn't a competition.

This has been going on for over a year.

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