Saturday, October 29, 2011

Simple Abundance

A gift from my husband last Christmas was the book "Simple Abundance - A daybook of comfort and joy". It has daily readings and are often very inspirational and thought provoking. I'd like to say I wake every morning, accept my first cup of coffee from my husband, don my reading glasses, because yes they are a necessity, and read the intended morning entry. But alas, I'm somewhere in March's readings and most mornings it's an effort to just FIND my glasses.

Recently the subject is excavating. It's talking about digging deep into your soul and finding/learning who you are, and making it a journey. The journey may not be pleasant as excavations are not a glamorous job. It asks to recall memories of moments in our lives and think about our priorities.

Without doubt, family has always been my biggest priority. Growing up family included grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins from both sides of our family. It meant special events, weekend get-togethers for card games, picnics, birthdays - and often double the holidays because we'd spend time with both sides. It was mowing for relatives in the summer. Helping Gram with baths when she was unable. It was visiting aunts or uncles 'just because' I was passing in the neighborhood. I didn't know any different.

I left home two weeks after graduation - joined the Navy to see the world. Uncle Bob wrote me religiously. Gram's letters were reassuring. Contact with my cousins lifted my spirits. I spent four years in the San Juaquin Valley of California. It was God's plan for me. I had a great Navy family. And I met my best friend and husband of nearly 3o years.

Our created family has extensions. When we married I was young. I believed we could be one family. It was our priority to teach our children the value of family. I confess I've struggled with my desire to have a united family. I wanted it for my husband. Now I know you can't force something to be when it's not God's plan. I'm stubborn. It took me awhile to accept that which I had no control.

God's priorities for me are a family which included our three beautiful children, their chosen spouses and, for right now, a loving grandson. I'm blessed to have a great friendship with a daughter-in-law who was married to Mike's oldest son (now passed away). We are included in the special events of our (Mike's) oldest grands and now our first great-granddaughter.

We moved away from my home state. At the time it was the best way to provide for our family - which was the priority. Staying when things changed became a family decision. We made it work. Now I find ways to visit my parents and siblings. It means finding the right air fare and sneaking in a day off but always worth the effort. I couldn't imagine my life without making time with them a priority.

I realize my job change this summer also was a priority. I made the decision to accept a position working fewer days, allowing Mike and I to have more time together. It also opens up very special time for our grandson's sleepovers, walks to preschool and visits in the afternoon. Perhaps I should be working - to provide for my future years - but I believe in my heart this is my priority.

Our family has never been limited to bloodlines either. We have many dear friends from our Navy family, who have shared holidays and special events, tears and cheers while apart from our blood family. They certainly are not left out of our priorities now.

As I read my daily entry, I realize our priorities have shifted from newlyweds to parents and now empty-nesters. Admittedly as time slipped by it became more of a necessity to let loose on the reigns of control. Now we are temporarily sharing our not-so-empty nest with our youngest. For the time being, I'll enjoy the brief conversations as he passes through and even try to sneak in an occasional hug.

Priorities. They are what you make of them... and after all these years, my family is still my first priority.

Friday, October 21, 2011

A confession...

My name is Deb and I am a procrastinator - but this week I started my 12-step program.

I checked more things off my "to do" list than I added.

I finished projects. Bird houses will add color next summer when included with the hanging pots of flowers.

I 'winterized' the yard BEFORE winter started. Perennials are cut back. We are in a good place to keep up with the maple trees when the leaves drop this year.

I worked out on my days off AND a even two of my three work days. I'm taking advantage of the beautiful days, testing out my endurance for walking/running intervals; walking to the Y and working the Strive circuit machines as well as Zumba classes.

I am limiting my time on SpaceBook... the way the new format selects what I see and don't see frustrates me anyway.

I am making the most of our time spent with our grandson. His sleepovers are always welcome. Spending time with him after his morning at preschool and hearing his stories when they are fresh on his mind is such priceless quality time.

I am enjoying the change of seasons.

Post-wedding life in our household continues with flair. We are already getting an itch for a road trip - checking our "bucket list" of places we'd like to visit on weekends and working out the details.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Questions from a 4 year old...

I love my new work schedule. It permits me to relax and enjoy Monday night sleepovers. It allows me to be home when our grandson wakes up in the morning and gets ready for preschool. Preschool is close enough to walk back and forth.

This afternoon we walked home from preschool, enjoying the warm sunshine. Tate turned the corner into the park and says "Wait Drahma, I have a question for you." I stopped and looked at his sweet, little face, waiting for his question. "Who is God?" I took a deep breath and thought how that wasn't what I was expecting, but answered "God is someone special who looks out over everyone from heaven. He helps us to be happy, reminds us to be thankful, hugs us when we are sad and keeps us healthy and loved."

He seemed satisfied with the answer for all of 20 seconds. He looked back up at me and said "Who is Jesus?" I said "Jesus is God's son. He was a teacher and taught people about God and love."

Tate then responded, "Oh so Jesus is a teacher like Tio?"

Oh Sheez... Please don't tell Tio his nephew compared him to Jesus!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Glimpse at the Wedding Weekend

Chris and Erin married September 24th on the Washington Coast, surrounded by family and friends.

  Wedding Preparations

Wedding vows on the beach

Reception at the Cabin overlooking the Beach.

Family gathered for the Photo Opportunities.