Sunday, April 17, 2011

One Door Closes - Another Opens...

Revelations 3:8
When God leads you to the edge of the cliff, trust Him fully and let go, only 1 of 2 things will happen, either He'll catch you when you fall, or He'll teach you how to fly! The power of one sentence! God is going to shift things around for you today and let things work in your favor.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Please Don't Shoot the Messenger...

Yesterday I spent six hours on the phone rescheduling patients from one clinic to another clinic. Many of these ladies have been rescheduled previously. I prayed for the easy way out,in hopes to have my call answered by a machine. I wasn't that fortunate. I understand completely why these ladies are so frustrated but after six hours of being the recipient of verbal abuse, explaining why we are closing a room, yet again, and moving their appointment back (for the majority) to another location I was completely, and thoroughly done!

My supervisor asked a couple of my coworkers to help because they were at slower sites. I honestly appreciated every call they made to assist. My day began with an email saying all of the May patients in one room had to be moved to another site by the end of the week... and finding out only TWO days had been completed since the 21st of March, when we were first informed, this was overwhelming. Seeing one of my coworkers sit up front checking email and Craigslist over and over instead of offering to help was mind boggling.

How many times are we suppose to call and tell a patient we have a staff shortage or a room closure and expect them to come back to us? We've spent months - since October - rescheduling patients. Always the same situation. Close one room - move patients - open another room. I have to wonder if we have the staff for the 'other room' why can't the employees working in the 'other room' just work in the original site.

So much confusion. We call to reschedule. We call to remind them the day before and it's the same story day after day. The registrar explains to the patient she is at the wrong site and gives her directions to the site across the parking lot. The next registrar apologizes profusely because the patient's appointment was moved due to our error. We take the late patients because of the confusion and then take attitude from our coworkers because they feel they've been put upon. These same coworkers who complain because they must work an eight hour day and see sixteen or so patients, with no regard for the fact that the registrar up front has worked a ten hour shift and seen every patient that has passed through the front door.

The phone rang and I jumped. I dread having to start the calls again but since I'm only in the second week of May I will put on my big girl pants and step off the cliff... seven more hours.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Graduates...

One month from today our oldest and youngest children will graduate with their college degrees. We couldn't be more proud for them - and prayerful for their futures.

I'm trying to remain optimistic. They each have a requirement to complete during the Fall semester - Krieger is scheduled to student teach near home and Erin has one class to complete - and finally they will be productive members of the workforce.

In addition, our middle son is heading off for a six week training program which will, hopefully, give him an opportunity for better employment driving large equipment for a Union force. He has traveled a rough road since his Navy days these past few years and we are very proud of where he has brought himself and his wonderful, young family.

Now more than ever the importance of that college degree seems to be waving in my face. I've been treading water in my current position at work. A year ago I made up my mind it was time to look for something more challenging. In an interview, instead of selling myself and my qualifications I spent the hour listening to management tell me of a position being created. I was excited. It sounded perfect! I felt certain this was God's plan for me and why they were so focused on tell me all about it.

Now I've learned my employer is little further with this position than they were a year ago. I feel so let down. I've begun the job search again. Two positions immediately appeared. I knew I was qualified. The request was for 3 years of office experience - I easily exceed 18 years. I've been assistants and managers. I am organized, work well independently or in a group. I am a self-starter. I've been with this employer 3 years. I've proven myself - I know and am reminded of this on a daily basis when I am asked to cover or take on a special project. And yet... both positions are being filled and I didn't even make it for an interview.

Despite the resistance of management I strongly believe there is a great deal of nepotism involved. It is difficult to disprove when the person who got that first position is the same one they were 'showing the ropes' before it was even posted to apply. I hear stories. I hear the denials and I'm not convinced.

It's a tough job market. College educated folks are looking to get their foot in the door for anything. I don't believe the time and money for a college degree at this point in my life will be beneficial.

There was a time I wanted to go to college. I joined the Navy and put money into the education program. Later I was starting a new life with my husband. We were faced with debts left by my predecessor - back mortgages, delinquent property taxes, her half of an IRS bill and her attorney fees - all left behind when she moved from the area with no forwarding address for these collectors. I chose to cash in my Veteran's Education benefits to pay what she owed and clear our names too. It was a choice made with no regrets. We have a beautiful family and I honestly feel my career as a homemaker, following my husband from place to place, was a success.

As our family moves onto their next phase of life, we too must make changes. I've made one decision - to officially cut back on my hours in order to follow the direction intended for me. Just need to figure out what that is...

Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Password is...

I spent last evening syncing my iPhone - updating the new operating system. Now several of my apps are requesting I log in and update my password - many of which I didn't know had a password.

I have two email accounts because we sometimes run into a log on that doesn't recognize our home email as real, and I have no idea why. I've tried both email accounts. I've tried every possible combination of passwords I've ever used. Why does this have to be so difficult?

I was directed to log in with my email. Tried both. Incorrect password. I tried having the password sent to my email. It doesn't recognize my email account. Directs me to a troubleshooting area - which advises me to log in with my email...

I finally just recreated my app accounts and started over. It shouldn't be so hard.

So - how many passwords do you have? How do you keep track of them? At work I have 7. They do not all require resetting at the same time. Nor do they have the same parameters for creating a password. I try to reset all of them when one becomes due just to make my own life easier. I'm running out of ideas. Avoiding any of the same letters used in the previous seventeen passwords... Perhaps its time to start with random statements - like BLUESKY2011, RA!NYDAY0411, WHOG!VES@HOO+...

We have passwords for email, banking, shopping, online bill paying, tweeting, blogging, Spacebook; remote access to cars; our garage codes and the list goes on... How to keep them organized is a challenge. My husband keeps a spreadsheet on his computer with log-ons and passwords - and sometimes even has my current ones. I have been successful keeping passwords in generic, nondescript listings in my phone. I am pretty good about keeping them up to date.

Just need to remember the password to open my phone...

Monday, April 4, 2011

Love you Double Big Much!

Our sweetheart of a grandson Taten turns 4 years old today!

He loves his sleepovers and frequently because his Momma leaves for work early we get him the night before... At bedtime we say prayers and I tell Tate I love him more than the moon and the stars in the sky and extend my arms out wide. He returned one night with his own version - I love you BIG MUCH Drahma! My heart melted.

Not too long ago I went to pull out his bed (he sleeps in the lowered trundle) and found a big scanned picture of his hand with the sign for I Love You. He makes me laugh sometimes. He was so tickled to have surprised me! He and his Papa - what a pair.

Last week was so frustrating - I opened an email and found an extra special attachment. Who wouldn't be able to smile with a Double Big Much! Happy Birthday Taten Michael. I love you extra Big Much!

No April Fools...

We started out our April weekends with a road trip - reminiscent of previous April weekends - to Moscow for a lacrosse game. A Friday free of work allowed us an earlier departure and a few extra hours with our two students. The weather was absolutely warm and beautiful making for a gorgeous Spring drive.

Erin and I played with some of the silk flowers we've purchased and created samples for her attendants. We made a sample for the groomsmen and Dads. Moms will get a lovely wrist corsage. She's picked what she wants for her bouquet. We are now ready to contact the florist.

We continued to make progress with invitations - now ready to place our order; AND they have narrowed down their cake choices to THREE! :-)

Chris was playing in a hockey tournament all weekend so he was in and out. Friday night we met up with Krieg and Karissa at the Alehouse for dinner.

Saturday we had some errands to run, met Erin for breakfast and attended the Vandal lacrosse game. The weather was so far the extreme opposite of Friday. During the night we had thunder, lightening, strong wind and driving rain. At 2pm the game started out windy with clouds and continued with rain, sleet, hail, grapple, snow, more wind and finally sunshine once more. Despite crazy Mother Nature we enjoyed see so many of our Vandal Lacrosse family. It was like a family reunion. Hugs, kisses and lots of chatter throughout the game to catch up.

Saturday night we were able to have dinner with our students and self-appointed son before Erin had to go to work. We followed her to Mix and had a drink while visiting with her and her manager Nick and his friend Ashley. Our intent was to "just stay an hour" and ended up there until they closed at midnight. It's a fun
little martini/wine bar and the atmosphere AND company were great!

Despite both 2am bedtimes we still were awake before 8:30 Sunday morning so loaded up and headed for home. Our normal route was detoured because of rock slides and we just missed a truck fire on the Interstate which closed down traffic.

So hard to believe we are under six months for Erin & Chris' wedding; the students will graduate in less than six weeks and relocating will begin shortly after. Where does the time go?!