Saturday, June 29, 2013

Just a thought...

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Today I had to stand up for myself.  And I did. 

Another's miserable feelings were pushed on to me.

I was surprised and disappointed as I had hoped the effort to open lines of communication would help to resolve the animosity. 

Instead I heard a martyr tell me I was unhappy at my old job and carried it to my new job.  Imagine my surprise.  I loved my old job.  I loved the mobile visits to small town Idaho.  I loved using my Spanish speaking skills to meet delightful little ladies.  I left to improve myself and use the skills I knew I had buried.  I did not close those doors and remain in contact with many on a regular basis.  I was informed the only reason my coworker has been seeking employment elsewhere was to make me happy...  completely overlooking the fact this job hunt has been ongoing since my arrival. Don't put that on me.

Admittedly I was unhappy a couple weeks ago.  The silent treatment will do that to anyone.  After a talk with my boss last week I explained myself somewhat and shared how I felt about the relationship with my coworker.  I shared how upset I was and had considered another job offer...  I shared how after the offer, the reality of my situation was put before me, making it clear where I needed to be. We both knew it was God's hand revealing itself.

Today we agreed to create a means to 'communicate'.  I see it as a way to avoid speaking to one  another.  I tried to share today and it was turned back around denying any negativity.  There seems to be concern about the future for our position.  I guess I don't have that sense of urgency.  Early on I had to seek out opportunities to prove myself and make myself avaialable to everyone in the department.  But in the end whatever happens is out of my control.

We are suppose to be a team and work together. Somehow everything I say is deflected. Instead it's what I say or do and still at the end the day feeling you've been wronged. I'm sorry you feel this way.

I return to my work week tomorrow with the fresh attitude I gained last week.  I have a fine outlook on life and enjoy working with the folks around me.  I've done that on my own.  I have been tasked with finding my own routine, my own niche.  I have great coworkers and friends.  And I have an awesome family to come home to every night. 

Proudly today I stood up for myself. 

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Renewing my Cheesehead Status PLUS TWO.

This was the year for our bi-annual trek to the Cheesehead State.  My oldest nephew (and Godson) as well as my oldest niece (and Mike's Ajihada) graduated from college and high school respectively.

After several months of monitoring flights we finally narrowed down our travel plans.  Flying is ridiculously expensive now and we tried to think of how to introduce my family to our newest Grand as well.  My hubby opted to give up his seat and invited our daughter and grandson to join me. 

Deb PLUS Two

Baby C's 1st Flight was uneventful.  We left at oh-dawn-hundred, on three hours of sleep, which enabled him to board, eat his breakfast, play a bit and sleep some more. 

We arrived, collected our rental car and headed north for Milwaukee.  My nephew has an adorable one bedroom apartment just two blocks off of Lake Michigan, very near the Shedd Aquarium - and I love the overall lifestyle in  Milwaukee. 

While others attended the Baccalaureate Mass we wandered around the neighborhood with my brother and our cameras.  Uncle lived in Milwaukee for a few years and happily pointed out different sites for us while we snapped away.  (On a side note those pictures will forever be in my memory as I have managed to completely delete them from any other source...). 

After Mass we joined the extended family down along the river at Water Street Brewery for dinner at a cozy table for 15! It was a delightfully, yummy meal and great chatter with so many I love to be near.

We overnighted in a Brown Deer hotel, sharing a room with my parents.  Think exhausted baby, road-weary travelers and two alternating snorers.  Not sure WHO drew the short straw but it was either a very LONG night or a very SHORT night depending on your perspective. 

Graduation at Marquette University was held in the Bradley Center.  We took advantage of the baby and let everyone go on ahead while Erin fed and dressed him.  We joined up just as the graduate procession was finishing.

Bill Cosby was the speaker and did NOT disappoint!

My sister (far right) and her family. I love them all so much.

A little fun with the decor in the Delta Building.

After graduation we returned to Kevin's apartment and celebrated together.  It was my only opportunity to see my brother again and I hated when we all had to head our separate ways again.  We headed for Janesville to spend a couple of days with the Great-Grandparents.  It was nice to be in one place and rest for awhile.  Until that point the traveling had been nonstop with scheduled events and poor Baby C was all out of sorts.
Erin with her grandparents

Erin and Auntie Di

I was able to spend a couple of hours visiting with my dear friend Shelly.  She still has a daughter in high school and finds herself running ragged with sports and activities.  We've all been there.  I was prepared to attend a soccer game if that was the only way to get in a visit...  not so extreme.  There was one year I joined her in the Suburban driving around Rock county running errands.  We definitely get it done!


Baby C gives Raymond a test.  Still a little young for a solo ride.

 Great-grandma Denie and Baby C.

On Tuesday we headed for Chicago.  We tried to spend a few quality days with the great-grandparents, and get to Chicago so that Baby C's grand-pop from Michigan could come visit, as well as think about what is best for Baby C and maybe do something I wanted too - like spend time with my sister.  And it all worked out. 
Wednesday morning Erin's FIL and his fiancee joined us in Chicago for a visit.  We took them out for lunch.  
Thursday was my niece Nicole's graduation from high school.  It's mind boggling to think she is 18 years old and heading off to college in the Fall. 
Nicole (the Flamingo)

And honestly, THIS is how I still think of her...

But alas, she's a beautiful young woman, about to embark on a new life path.  We are so very proud!

And for my sister Di, you are super woman!  How you manage to keep up with everyone is beyond me.  Your oldest graduated from Marquette.  Your second oldest attends Notre Dame.  Now after surviving a year of THREE daughters in high school and THEIR schedules you are sending your oldest daughter off to Marquette.  I'm sure you have mixed emotions right now but know you are doing an amazing job!  I love you.

Doing What You Love.

This weekend I was fortunate to spend the day doing something I truly enjoy, working alongside one of my favorite people.
Some time ago our daughter was contacted about taking photos for a wedding.  A friend recommended her to someone.  This couple checked her out on her FB page and liked what her work.  When asked if she had an assistant, without hesitation she responded "yes" and then called Mom - always the ever-able photography assistant...  have camera will travel.

So months pass and suddenly the week after our whirlwind week in Wisconsin and Illinois is here. As soon as my extra long work day was finished Friday we headed north.  Six hours later and a new day (just barely) we arrived to a quiet household, quick shower and into bed. 

Erin and I headed out Saturday for Colfax, WA around 8am.  We scouted out the church property, created a plan to divide and conquer and confirmed our day with the Bride and Groom. 

Not only was it uber special to be spending the day doing something I love, but I was able to do it along side our daughter AND witness two very delightful families merge as one.

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to our daughter for offering me this opportunity.  And to the families, you are all such very special, loving people.  If our world would live by your example we'd all be in a better place.