Thursday, February 12, 2009

Home Alone

I'm home alone for a week (yeeeehhaaaaaa). I have this ambitious 'to do' list which I'm going to misplace. Surely I can think of other things to occupy my time.

I will eat cookies with milk for breakfast, completely ignoring my fruit and oatmeal routine, throwing my cholesterol into a major spike.

I am going to leave the TV on even after I am no longer in the room.

I will have long, chatty conversations with the dog but ignore the cats!

I will tune the radio station to my favorite oldies and sing loud enough so that the cats ignore me too!

If I choose to vacuum I shall work on my "dancing with the stars" moves for the next competition.

Who knows - I may even run with scissors - live on the wild side - holy cow! With my luck I'd trip and fall, lie there bleeding having successfully managed to get the cats to ignore me, and have the dog waiting for me to throw a ball.

On second thought I'll just stick with my 'to do' list.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I have a confession...

I confess - I am an lacrosse junkie. If there was a 12 step program I'd avoid it. I love to watch lacrosse!

This time of year I rearrange work schedules to accomodate my addiction. I contemplate travel times to ensure I won't miss a minute of action on the field. Our vehicle is ready for whatever weather we encounter. We have stadium seats for bleachers, chairs for fields, boots, coats & blankets for warmth, umbrellas for moisture and sunscreen... because I'm eternally optimistic.

My camera batteries are always charged; memory cards, lenses and monopod packed and ready to travel. I vow not to miss a single shot!

I am not a crazed fan. I don't hollar at the refs (thought I don't always agree) and I dislike the fans who shout disparaging comments to anyone on the field. I do my fair share of shouting on the sidelines - my presence is known - but encouraging words only - a whoop when a goal is scored - a silent prayer when someone goes down hard - and a delightful cheer when the guys rally.

If you aren't familiar with the sport, lacrosse was originally played by Native Americans. It is a physical, action-packed game, set up similar to soccer; goals, slashing, penalties like hockey; hard hits like football. Instead of using your hands or feet the small hard ball is maneuvered up and down the field using sticks with net filled heads. The players are protected with helmets, shoulder pads, elbow pads and gloves. The only obvious illegal hits are the ones to the helmet or above the shoulder - otherwise players are fair game.

When we visited this state prior to our move, our sons saw lacrosse players at one of the high schools and announced they too would be playing when we were living here. They were true to their word.

We began by faithfully sitting on the sidelines watching Matt's games. I couldn't help but cringe while he stood in the goal catching the balls being flung at him. It's not uncommon for those shots to travel between 80-90 mph. The only thing I would do in that six foot box is duck! After Matt finished school, we maintained our designated sideline position watching Krieg.

We've sat through rain, sleet and scalding temperatures. There is something about the sound of contact made when the stick smacks into the chest of the opponent, or the whoosh as the player runs down the sideline with two opponents on his heels. I hear the whistle of the referee and feel my pulse race.

Today Krieg is playing at the college level. He has a great reputation on and off the field. Imagine our daughter's surprise when the coach from U of I came into her work and asked her what he would be able to do to convince her little brother to transfer north from the local collegiate team. We are loyal to Vandal Gold!

Yes, I confess. I'm addicted to lacrosse. On the other hand, if you are looking for me on the weekend I'm fairly easy to locate!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

From Sloth to Sleak...

We are trying out a new routine. You've got to know we are pretty set (stuck) in our ways. Mike has his routine while I'm at work. I'm pretty sure most of it involves the computer when Taten isn't around (at least until the warm weather returns or I have a project he can actively avoid).

I get off work, make dinner, Mike cleans up and then we become sloths. I keep up with some of the household chores beyond the vacuuming which Mike handles during the day. Riley gets walked a few times a week. We don't exactly exude energy after dark! Perhaps it's the cold weather. I'm much better about getting out and finding a flower bed to work in when the weather is pleasant and the days are longer.

Sometime during the inversion week(s) I came across a flyer for Community Ed classes at the Y. I found one that would actually go with my fluctuating work schedule and signed up. Naturally it started on a MONDAY! I kept reminding myself how beneficial the exercise would be and convinced Mike to come with me to the Y and walk while I have the class.

Class was surprisingly fun. I ran into a friend also taking the class. For the sake of my youngest child I'll be delicate here... the instructor is a bit demonstrative and makes me chuckle. His job is perfect for him, peacocking in front of a mirror for the crowd - amplified for the benefit of his followers - and sharing Hollywood's latest gossip over the music. Imagine Richard Simmons in yogawear... and don't think the musical selection of Abba's "Dancing Queen" went unnoticed.

It was entertaining to say the least and the hour passed quickly, though when he shared we were ten minutes into the first class I had my doubts I'd survive. Ok - so I'm out of shape. Who knew 5 lb weights were so heavy? Evidently walking Riley is not the equivalent to the necessary cardio workout suggested by the Surgeon General.

Monday, February 2, 2009

January - One year in our Empty Nest...

A year ago our youngest flew the coop... transferred to U of I leaving us old folks home alone without adult supervision.

We roam the empty rooms of our once overflowing home... recalling the accidental BB gun shooting, the steak fork incident and other mysteries that slowly reveal themselves to us as time passes (and the kids figure it's safer to share - because we'll laugh now).

What luck when we happened through the neighborhood looking for homes for sale and encountered our "for sale by owner" listing, available to move in with no delays. Just as we needed.

We've slowly turned this former 'rental to a family with five little boys' into our home - with our own personal touches - enjoying the compliments from folks who walk passed.

We recall our daughter moving out - moving in - and moving out again.

We fondly recall the lunch time gatherings of high school aged boys who made sure our leftovers never went bad and the numerous spaghetti dinners for lacrosse players, continuing a swim team tradition from Wisconsin.

Somehow we've managed to struggle through the dreariness - day after day...

PSYCH! We are actually having a great time. As much as we love having everyone home under one roof - it's delightful when it's just the two of us... somehow we manage to get through the day! He! He! He!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

December 2008

Matthew is married to Britnee, a beautiful young woman he met in high school. They have a son, Taten, who we enjoy immensely. Erin and Krieg are both attending the university, each with a major which suites them to a 'T' - Erin studying both Wildlife Resource and Ichthyology (fish) and Krieg studying Secondary Education-History and Spanish.

It seems only yesterday we were tucking them into bed, kissing the tops of their white blond curls and praying for five minutes of peace and quiet!