Saturday, June 30, 2012

Look - Up in the Sky!

For many years, while living near Oshkosh, WI, the 'fellas' in our household attended the Experimental Aircraft Airshow (EAA) with Navy friends Knobs & Dudley.  When Mike couldn't get the time off, they would take a young Matthew in his place. 

Last weekend we were invited to join Matt, Brit & Tate at the small air show at the Warhawk Air Museum in Nampa, ID.  Indeed it was small, but the aircraft flown were so limited in numbers still operating I was left in awe.

The 'fellas' attended and happily shared the experience with the 'next generation' too.

The Numbers Game

Today is Saturday.  This means I've spent another week on 'The Program'.  It's not a 12-step program.  In fact it's a life-long commitment to better living.

In 2010 I decided it was time to make some changes for the better.  I started by reminding myself I can't change that which I have no control. My Mantra.  In other words, stop worrying about what others in your life are doing or thinking and do what's best for your and your family.  It does no good to sit and hope someone will like you because you want them to and you've been around forever when in fact their actions say different. I can only do so much from this end and I'm tired of the silence. Their loss.

I also decided it was time to shed some El-Be's.  I started exercising, even making it up to a 30-45 run (hey I'm so NOT a runner) on a treadmill inclined...  until I did something to the ligament in my foot and had to have surgery.  I nursed it way longer than I should -  I felt I had a great excuse and psychologically I couldn't get past it.  It was all me.  And I gained 20 of the 35 lbs I lost.

I tried Weight Watchers on line last year to prepare for our daughter's wedding and quite frankly it was VERY apparent I require a tad more accountability.  As I adjusted to a new work schedule and longer days when I worked, I found I had yet another excuse for not doing what I wanted.  I made a slight effort but failed at accomplishing anything remarkable.

This year in January I tried heading back over to the Y to work out - me and 60,000 (a slight exageration) others who made a New Years Resolution to work out.  Very discouraged I left and vowed to return...  later.  In February I was speaking to a coworker about losing weight.  I saw where Weight Watchers was having a special rate.  I learned there are several from our department who are attending Weight Watchers.  I made a decision to join that first week.  And announced it - THERE I said it.

I began my journey topping out at a number I couldn't believe.  Surely someone with a horrible sense of humor had set a cement block behind me.  Nope - what was behind me was ALL me

Counting points is a task for the meticulous and therefore I do well.  Everything I eat gets tracked.  I use their website and phone apps. Planning ahead helps to know what to eat and be prepared.  I am a list maker and organizer so this all falls right into my lifestyle.  I find myself eating breakfast which I never did before.  Lunch can be a challenge on work days but since I am not inclined to eat the cafeteria food (even their "Healthy choice Happy Meals") I usually dish up a portion of last night's dinner.  Dinner is sometimes a challenge.  Variety.  Planning is not Mike's strong suit so on days when I work I try to come up with something he can easily put together and still not break the "point bank".  We've even found some lower point meals which we can enjoy on our date nights.

Mike wanted to tag along on this journey.  Thankfully.  We signed him up for the on-line Weight Watchers.  It's less expensive and he doesn't weigh in at meetings.  He has access to all of the on-line and Smart phone tools.  Naturally, as men are over-achievers, he is doing great and dropping pounds faster than me.  Where he's noticed is his belt.  He's had to add four new notches and a belt IS a requirement!  Healthwise he is off several of his prescription meds. 

So where is my rambling headed... 

Today I stepped on the scale very apprehensively.  Last week my weight went up a 6/10's of a pound.  I am always naughty and weigh in at home to compare.  I didn't like what I saw this week at home and reluctantly left the house.  This week I lost 2.4 lbs.  My second strong week of no cheating, walking 4 nights, working in the yard and making the right food choices for meals.  I saw numbers on the scale which I haven't seen in YEARS!  I'm sooo close to my goal for my first 10% before we leave on our vacation - and believe I might even make my second goal of 10lbs before Krieg and Karissa's wedding in August.  Wow.  I said that outloud. 

This is a journey.  It started because I have one more opportunity to NOT be the fat momma at our youngest child's wedding.  Well, that and my decision to change my way of living.  I've brought my best friend with me, and my folks in Wisconsin are also following the Weight Watchers program.   Even Ethel in Georgia found out her health insurance will help cover the monthly dues and signed up.  When I'm struggling at work my coworkers nudge me along.  I'm so proud of us all.

I still have to remind myself not to get upset about the things I have no control over. Sometimes an energetic playlist on the iPod and some fresh air is a great cure. I'm definitely healthier.  I hope to lower my blood pressure meds over time.  My cholesterol has improved.  My energy has skyrocketed (I went from slug to catepillar...).  I even bought some clothes a size smaller. 

Today as a reminder I tried on my dress for the wedding.  It fits better than it did in May.  I'm definitely heading in the right direction - I'm moving forward (with so many things...)!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Lacrosse - the Next Generation...

Since 1991 we've always had a child playing a sport and a team to cheer on.  Soccer in Evansville, Soccer and Swimming in Neenah.  Lacrosse in Boise and most recently, the Pacific Northwest.  Lately our time spent on the sidelines are few and far between.  Mike's grandson in Texas plays football in Texas.  Our heart's desire would be to sit in the stands every week, however the reality is we can't just invite ourselves for a visit.  Krieg is still playing lacrosse but I'm not sure adult teams have parents on the sidelines cheering you on...  (All aboard the pity train!)

We've been waiting for our youngest grand to have activities which require attentive fans in the wings - especially a Gramma with a very large camera.  This spring I noticed the Y was offering a lacrosse camp for five year olds - what luck!  Outside of t-ball and soccer there isn't much for a five year old to learn around here. 
So for Mr. T's birthday we gave him a camp.  It was his to pick but we'd hoped the lacrosse would spark his interest.  It was!  His Tio provided a very cool lacrosse stick.  His Mom found cleats on sale.  His Dad and Tio tag teamed him to fit his new blue mouthguard. 
Ready for lacrosse camp.  All geared up!
Camp lasted four mornings.  The first day we encouraged him to stay with the coaches and kids.  He was a bit hesitant.  In no time he learned to pick up ground balls, how to pass and catch the ball.  Surprisingly there were several children who already had some stick skills (older siblings and coaches for parents). 
Warming up is an important part of every sport.
Catching the ball.
Tate and Tio (who came to watch & ensure it was legit!)
The second day the coaches taught the 5-7 year olds some drills to expand on their newly learned skills. 
Cradling the ball.

Day three was an actual scrimmage after a refresher of the skills.  Mr T's seen the game.  He knew how to hit the opponents stick to make them drop the ball.  The first time he did this it was against the only girl camper and she cried to the coaches "he hit me...!" 
Scrimmage time.
Day Four was scrimmaging and not nearly enough water breaks as far as Mr. T was concerned.  He was over lacrosse camp.

Goalie - just like Daddy
I'm certain this will be the first of many group activities for our favorite five year old., especially as his future interests expand (and Kindergarten evolves).  Rest assure his loyal fan base will be there to watch.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Happy Anniversary!

It isn't a coincidence that we were married in the same church as my folks. It's the church where I was raised to know God.

We would have chosen the same day had it fallen in the weekend. Instead we picked a day earlier. A Sunday. Turned out my folks were also married on Sunday, 23 years earlier.

My Dad gave my hand away to my future husband on Father's Day - as did my Grandpa do the same for his youngest daughter, my Mom, 23 years earlier.

This year we celebrates our union of 30 years. Quite monumental given the odds we were up against early on...
June 20, 1982
June 21, 1959
June 20, 1982

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My Play Date...

We were fortunate enough to have Tate for company Father's Day weekend.  The following Monday we took him to his first day of lacrosse camp.  After lunch Papa was volunteering at Birds of Prey.  .

Tate and I passed some time sharing day-old bread with the pond ducks. He even met some new friends and offered to share

We walked around the pond, stopped to climb and tree and then played for a bit on the playground.

Naturally since Papa was out and about, Tate suggested we go check out the Birds too.  We love the new Subaru decorated for advertising, with a picture of Stoffel.

We checked out the microscope slides in the Children's area after reading all of the questions and answers.

Freedom, the Bald Eagle, loves to chat with visitors.  She'll squak at Papa when he steps outside.

The Condors aren't the most attractive birds but they've come back from near extinction. 

Papa and Tate

Nature Trail

Looking Northwest.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Men in my Life... Happy Father's Day weekend.

Tate spent the weekend with us. We spent long days outside in the yard.
His Momma went to a concert with her sisters and Daddy had to work.

Tio had lots of help washing his car.

Papa power washed the old finish off our even older fence...  wow it looks great.

 Hotdogs & s'mores in the fire pit is a great way to unwind.

 Talking to Momma. 

Playing Ladderball with Tio

The Shaw version of the Hatfields & McCoys...

Funny guys...  I take so much grief from them.
Even this one loves to tease me.

Some special love for Daddy