Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Indeedums and Egglets

 Tomorrow we return to the scene of the crime. The place that took our daughter's heart - or at least a big piece of it. Who knew all those years ago ago (1984) when we first took Erin to Kalaloch that she would one day marry on that same beach.

In 1989 the kids and I returned without Mike. He was still in Venezuela getting ready for our move to Puerto Rico. We went to Kalaloch with Mike's folks, Nan & Papo. Erin was excited but concerned. Finally sharing with me what was on her mind.
We had talked about hiking and looking on the beach for agates with Nan and Papo. She told me "Momma, I'm scared to go hiking. The Indeedums might be in the trees." I reassured her the Indians were not going to bother us.

Later I overheard her talking to her brother Matthew, then 3 years old. She told him how we "would walk in the sand and look for egglets with Nan and Papo".

This past year Erin found the biggest "egglet" I've ever seen. Nan and Papo would be proud!
Agate and Rose Jasper

Monday, July 25, 2011

Where does the Time go?

(Krieg vintage 1997)

Not so very long ago we lived with this young man.
My "mom taxi" took us all over the Menasha/Neenah/Appleton valley for kid's activities.
Piano, Soccer, Swimming, CCD...
I picked up and dropped off.
It was a way of life.

One particular trip Erin and I were riding in the front and
Krieg took up his position of solitude in the 3rd row.
Shania Twain played on the radio.
I peeked in the rear view mirror and noticed someone of opposite gender was singing along with us...

As we reached the chorus Erin recognized the gleam in my eye.
Just as the song reached the desired moment we turned down the radio.
And from the very back seat comes a loud and not so feminine
"Man, I feel like a woman"...

Every time I hear this song it still makes me smile.
If I'm in the car I can look in the rear view mirror and see the face in the back seat!
(even though he now looks like this...)

Coach Krieg (2011)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

It's an Unexplained Oddity...

Momma and recent dimensionally inflected son Matthew.

I don't believe there is a cure. It's an unexplained phenomenon.
Our annual family trek happens every July.
Sometimes it happens - a family member cannot share in the adventures.
And yet their presence is always felt.
Their 'flat self'.
It appears they take on an one dimensional metamorphose.
This year is no different. Introducing "Flat Matt".

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sad But True...

A friend (and coworker) and I were chatting once about things that happen. Let's face it. We worked for a clinic where women received mammograms. The current topic could cover anything.

This dear friend is as short as I am tall. She was blessed with many more curves than myself too. We joked about how things sometimes get caught when dropped... for pregnant women it's the 'tummy shelf'. For her it was the bra. She shared a funny how after a movie once she discovered an extra helping of popcorn when she got home. I've always said things wouldn't slow down much if they fell down my shirt.

Last night I was carrying things upstairs and found my hands full. The sundress I was wearing had smocking on top so I came up with the idea of just sliding my cell phone between my bosom - just until I made it upstairs... I know, I know... T.M.I.

I made it about four or five steps when I heard a 'thunk'. I looked down and sure enough - my cell phone lay at my feet. I chuckled to myself and thought - "Wow, that's discouraging...".