Sunday, July 25, 2010

Home again...

1750 miles.
Seven days on the Washington Coast with family.
Six beaches combed for treasures.
Five hours with relatives young and old, at the Krieger-Shaw family reunion.
Four new areas explored in the Olympic National Park.
Three bottles of wine gave it their all for the cause.
Two yummy meals and time to visit with our DIL Debbie.
One huge agate (egglette) found by Erin.
Total - Another memorable week with my family (and Flat Krieg).

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Now is that time...

There comes a time when you decide to stop reaching out...  when you choose to stop trying to maintain a one way line of communication...  when you can no longer accept someone else's excuses for the silence...  when reality steps in...  when your heart says 'enough'.    

I don't believe anyone is being tossed aside.  I am letting go of the strings from my heart...  the ones I wanted to connect us together...  the ones that are not biological - a fact I've ignored for many, many years...  the ones I thought gave us a special link...  the end I've been holding on to...  alone. 

It's just been one of those years.  I am learning a lot about myself.  I am a survivor.  I have my family.  You can still have a bond with them.  You should nurture it.  You might be surprised at what develops.  My family is pretty special.  My family is a part of you too.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Family, Friends and the Fourth of July

I had the best holiday weekend - ever - thanks to my family and friends (and having a couple extra days off didn't hurt either!).

Our daughter Erin and her boyfriend Chris arrived late Friday night. We were ready. Groceries bought. Errands run. Let the festivities begin.

My family wanted to put on a big 'to do' for my 50th birthday. A guest list was created. I changed my mind several times, telling them to wait. FInally we agreed on family and a few friends.

The girls and I made salads, and slow cooked pork roast for pulled pork sandwiches. Erin put together appetizers. The guys filled coolers and prepped the yard.

We shared the evening with dear friends John & Judi, who we met thru our oldest son Matt when he and their son Jeremy were in school. We also shared with good friends Scott & Rhona, who we met thru lacrosse and Krieg's friendship with their son Sam.

And 'might as well be' family one of our oldest & dearest friends Randy and her son Stephen joined in the festivities.

We ate, talked, laughed, played Bocce ball, ate some more, indulged in libations just a wee bit and chatted away the night. How is it weeks and then months pass without seeing one another but when you are together it is as though you've seen each other just the other day.

At the end of the night our little guy Tate wanted to sleep over - in case he might miss out on a moment with his Tio and Ah-Boo (Krieg and Erin).

Sunday morning I woke first. Coffee and a smile as I walked thru the house peeking in on my sleeping family. I started the biscuits and sausage for gravy. Matt & Brit arrived for breakfast while the others rousted themselves from their slumber. Unbeknowest to me my creative daughter-in-law and daughter made FIFTY black flamingos for the front yard. When I caught a glimpse of them from inside much later I was so surprised. Being 'flamingoed' is a family thing. Once when Erin was driving thru town on a school trip she stopped to put a pair of flamingos in our front yard. I returned the favor with a few additional birds in her yard once before leaving Moscow.

Mom's birthday wish was for a family movie. At Thanksgiving we all went to see the Twilight New Moon movie. I told them I wanted to see Eclipse for my birthday. Despite the grumblings from the testosterone section (who by the way DID read all the books), we went early afternoon together!

After the movie we commenced our dinner preps. Chris made his infamous 'voodoo' bbq sauce and cooked the ribs for us. Tate helped me make a yummy red, white & blue trifle for dessert. Our afternoon was relaxing. Another movie at home, a bit of reading - and dinner was delicious. And I was royalty... Krieg's girlfriend Karissa gifted me with a Birthday Princess sash and crown. I learned to do a proper wave, pop my shoulder to hide the arm fat but had to draw the line before we got to the 'duck face'. I was rockin' the crown!

After dinner we went to Ann Morrison Park to watch the fireworks. This is the first time in 9 years we've gone to Boise for the display. We all climbed into the car - we must have looked like a clown car - and took advantage of Mike's temporary handicapped tag to park inside the park and be close to the grounds. The fireworks were wonderful. It was so special to sit on the quilt, surrounded by my family as the day wound down. No doubt about it... I am liking FIFTY!