Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Now is that time...

There comes a time when you decide to stop reaching out...  when you choose to stop trying to maintain a one way line of communication...  when you can no longer accept someone else's excuses for the silence...  when reality steps in...  when your heart says 'enough'.    

I don't believe anyone is being tossed aside.  I am letting go of the strings from my heart...  the ones I wanted to connect us together...  the ones that are not biological - a fact I've ignored for many, many years...  the ones I thought gave us a special link...  the end I've been holding on to...  alone. 

It's just been one of those years.  I am learning a lot about myself.  I am a survivor.  I have my family.  You can still have a bond with them.  You should nurture it.  You might be surprised at what develops.  My family is pretty special.  My family is a part of you too.

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