Sunday, June 22, 2008


One thing holds true in our family - change - and our steadfast strength and ability to adapt to said change is what enables our family to be who we are. This week was no different.

Tuesday afternoon Krieg is working at his job packing and moving folks. He gets a call from his cousin Ric. "Hey one of our crew isn't coming to work - want to come to Alaska for a couple of months?". Yeah right...

Ric is five years older than Krieg and they grew up in Oregon and Wisconsin respectively . Two different ways of life - with only one real visit and yet when they met last summer for a week at the ocean, my theory on nature vs nurture held true.

Krieg isn't one to make sudden, rash decisions. He has to ponder and deliberate. Calls were exchanged between his family and Alaska in addition to his former lacrosse coach and mentor, as well as the anticipated grueling run to clear the mind but by 10pm  Krieg made the choice to go to Alaska to work on a fishing boat AND the boat Captain had purchased an airline ticket to leave Friday morning.

Wednesday was a long, last day for Krieg packing and moving up a large household. His boss was very understanding about the reasons for Krieg leaving without proper notice and even offered him work if Krieg came back to Moscow before school started.

Dad and Mom headed out armed with a packing list Wednesday afternoon. We managed to find out-of-season rain gear, boots and thermals for a giant. What luck! All with a minimal amount of driving around thanks to our advance recon! Time was of the essence.

Thursday Krieg drove the six hours south to Boise (after an evening of Apples to Apples with sister and friends) arriving late afternoon. I got off work and dashed to the store for dinner supplies and a digital camera (no family member of mine is going to miss a photo op!). We were able to get a dinner together sharing with Matt, Brit, Taten and friends.

Later Krieg decided to check out the camera only to discover the box was EMPTY! I won't go into detail of the expressive discussion I had regarding what I wanted to do to certain store personnel. My 'guys' assured me it would be resolved in the morning and Krieg proceeded to pack two months of gear into his duffle and backpack.

While choosing some of his gear he picked a red & white stocking cap from our winter storage - one knit by Denie years ago. He was happy it would cover his 'noodle'. I voiced my concern about wearing something that would make him stand out and he said since he was the 'Greenhorn' he'd just give them something to work with. Matt and his Dad went on about how it would show up great on the top of the ocean if Krieg fell in - he'd look like a fish bobber popping up and down - and if the red cap went under they'd think he had a nibble... and THEN they wanted to watch a few episodes of Deadliest Catch. Give me a break!

Friday morning Matt was off and made it here for breakfast before he, Krieg and I took off for the airport. Mike headed to meet the opening store staff for the camera exchange. We got Krieg checked in for his flight and Mike met us outside of Security before Krieg passed thru.

Krieg's first impression of Sitka, Alaska included a bald eagle flying overhead. He shared a beautiful view of the harbor.

The Captain and crew of 4 will head out in the morning on their first fishing expedition. Mike and Matt are envious. I am handling the fretting and worry. This is an incredible opportunity for a young, single man to work hard, earn great money for college, experience a new life style and see a part of the world he may otherwise have only visited if he were lucky. I am dreaming about being lost at sea, ship wrecks and George Clooney (ok so it's not all bad!)

It's been a whirlwind week. From moving boxes on Tuesday to fishing nets on Friday! Krieg has great cell service so we'll be able to keep in touch when they are in port. Erin is not out of range and Matt, Brit and Taten are close by.

Life goes on... and I sit here and wait for the next change in plans