Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Available: the weekend - once more!

The lacrosse season came to a close this weekend in Moscow. The Vandals lost their games against Oregon State and University of Oregon (both top ranked teams), however no one left discouraged. The team is young, extremely talented and continues to work together well. The future for the Vandals is optimistic!

Of course I'm slightly prejudice but this a great group of young men. They play their game. They play strong. We've seen other teams (and sadly their parents) harrass, mock and cheap talk on the field or sidelines to cover their own weaknesses... not the Vandals. It's a pleasure to support this team.

I'm already in line for my season tickets on next year's sideline!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Sunshine & Lacrosse...

U of I vs BSU

We had a great weekend! Alll of our kids were home. Krieg was in town with the U of I lacrosse team. Erin drove down to watch the games. Matt, Brit & Taten were with us too.

The team drove down Friday afternoon. We shared our home with three players from out of town. Saturday they played against College of Idaho in Caldwell. Despite the lingering smell of gun powder in the air, and the weight of the flak jackets on our bodies, it was a delightful afternoon. (just kidding...) The Vandals soundly defeated the 'Yotes 22-9.

"Tio" Krieg had a special miniature Vandal Lacrosse hoodie for Taten - complete with last name and #12 on the back just like his Tio. Tate watched the action on the field. At the end of halftime Krieg crossed the field, took off his helmet and said hi - that was all it took for Taten's waning attention to lock in on the game.

We hosted a team dinner Saturday night - with players and any of the local or out of town parents who could join. It was nice to see everyone relax and fill their bellies with some yummy food.

Sunday's game, dubbed the "Potato Cup", was held in a local park complete with a large local crowd. It's such a big rivalry between the schools. Our crowd did our very best to out yell, out whistle and make sure our players knew we were there for them. It remained a close game - but in the end we lost in a heartbreaking 12-9. I think there are many ways to be a winner. We truly appreciate the players and their parents on our team. I'm proud our son is part of the U of I team.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Fitness Challenge

I mentioned earlier this year I started attending a fitness class... 'Total Body Conditioning', loosely translated means you are going to hurt everywhere.

I loyally went to every class, Monday and Wednesday, for six weeks. I recruited my son and daughter-in-law to attend and even took the Texas family when they were in town. Why should I suffer alone?!

Being the newly devoted fitness buff (stop chuckling) I took advantage of the day passes Brit shared so I could continue going to the same class in between Community Ed sessions. Now here we are again - my second six week session.

This time we have been challenged to add a minimum of one hour of additional exercise to our weekly schedule - and keep track. Perhaps there is a prize at the end of the six weeks... ooh what might it be - m & m's, cheesecake? It seems reasonable. I will 'kick it up a notch' for one hour of walking, or perhaps actually take the plastic off the Yoga DVD or maybe even use the pilate ball for something other than a foot stool?!

I'll let you know how it goes...

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wanted: a new perspective for my week

This morning I woke up feeling sorry for myself. I have 3 ten hour days ahead of me this week. I was hoping I could avoid 1) getting out of bed; 2) having to go to work 3) responsibility in general.

There is no reason for the dread. I had yesterday off. I had a productive day clearing out a great deal of the little "to do's" on my list AND fit in 2 appointments.

Yet, the urge to bury my head under the pillow and scream was right there. You know the feeling... don't lie!

So here I am, a lull for the moment. I've put my big girl pants on, realizing, while it may not be a perfect day, I am pretty dang fortunate - sometimes I just need a mental nudge.

We have no legal troubles... unlike the visitor today who was running behind as she was fielding calls for her nephew (who's parents didn't care to get involved) who had been 'alledgedly involved' in a criminal act.

We have good health... unlike the visitor who was a bit discombobulated because she'd left her terminally ill husband home with Hospice.

Nor have I had the heart-wretching worries of an unborn child's health. A very dear coworker and her husband have had to wait for their son's birth to get an accurate accessment of his health issues. Fortunately, their prayers were answered with the arrival of a strong, screaming son, who has a good prognosis after surgery on his second day in the outside world.

Everyone speaks of the economy. It's far from ideal. My recent mutual fund statement is now at a ridiculous level. I would love one day free of discussion.

I have a job... it's part-time just like I wanted. It has benefits just like I wanted. My days off feel few and far between - mostly because my personal life's schedule is crowding my work schedule... good grief woman get a grip!

Oops - back to whining when I am looking for a clearer outlook. I never said I was perfect!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Some days I have to dig deep to stay positive!

First patient...
"I don't need to fill out this paperwork - I come in here every year. "
(Sure, what could possibly change in a year!)

Second patient...
"Why do you need to see my photo id, that's just stupid."
(Oh sheez - I just enjoy asking!)

Third patient...
"This is impossible to find - are you going to move again next year?"
(We are located on a main street right near the mall and have been here over a year.)

Fourth patient...
I comment that the sun is shining - isn't it beautiful.
"It's probably temporary, I hate daylight savings - who are they fooling?"

This afternoon...
"Don't be nice to me - you'll make me cry".
(Okay but they don't like me to yell at people.)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Tater Tots and Harleys

Our grandson Taten turned 2 years old recently. He has always been a bit uncertain about Papa's loud motorcycle so we've been working on his comfort level. Now when he passes the bike he makes those boy noises... 'varoom varoom'. I think he's coming around...

Papa's vision is Taten, dressed in the size 2T leather's Papa purchased for his grandson two years ago, and perhaps a carseat strapped to the back. Common sense prevails, and instead they settle for a moment in front of Papa on a sunny day.