Monday, April 20, 2009

Sunshine & Lacrosse...

U of I vs BSU

We had a great weekend! Alll of our kids were home. Krieg was in town with the U of I lacrosse team. Erin drove down to watch the games. Matt, Brit & Taten were with us too.

The team drove down Friday afternoon. We shared our home with three players from out of town. Saturday they played against College of Idaho in Caldwell. Despite the lingering smell of gun powder in the air, and the weight of the flak jackets on our bodies, it was a delightful afternoon. (just kidding...) The Vandals soundly defeated the 'Yotes 22-9.

"Tio" Krieg had a special miniature Vandal Lacrosse hoodie for Taten - complete with last name and #12 on the back just like his Tio. Tate watched the action on the field. At the end of halftime Krieg crossed the field, took off his helmet and said hi - that was all it took for Taten's waning attention to lock in on the game.

We hosted a team dinner Saturday night - with players and any of the local or out of town parents who could join. It was nice to see everyone relax and fill their bellies with some yummy food.

Sunday's game, dubbed the "Potato Cup", was held in a local park complete with a large local crowd. It's such a big rivalry between the schools. Our crowd did our very best to out yell, out whistle and make sure our players knew we were there for them. It remained a close game - but in the end we lost in a heartbreaking 12-9. I think there are many ways to be a winner. We truly appreciate the players and their parents on our team. I'm proud our son is part of the U of I team.

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