Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wanted: a new perspective for my week

This morning I woke up feeling sorry for myself. I have 3 ten hour days ahead of me this week. I was hoping I could avoid 1) getting out of bed; 2) having to go to work 3) responsibility in general.

There is no reason for the dread. I had yesterday off. I had a productive day clearing out a great deal of the little "to do's" on my list AND fit in 2 appointments.

Yet, the urge to bury my head under the pillow and scream was right there. You know the feeling... don't lie!

So here I am, a lull for the moment. I've put my big girl pants on, realizing, while it may not be a perfect day, I am pretty dang fortunate - sometimes I just need a mental nudge.

We have no legal troubles... unlike the visitor today who was running behind as she was fielding calls for her nephew (who's parents didn't care to get involved) who had been 'alledgedly involved' in a criminal act.

We have good health... unlike the visitor who was a bit discombobulated because she'd left her terminally ill husband home with Hospice.

Nor have I had the heart-wretching worries of an unborn child's health. A very dear coworker and her husband have had to wait for their son's birth to get an accurate accessment of his health issues. Fortunately, their prayers were answered with the arrival of a strong, screaming son, who has a good prognosis after surgery on his second day in the outside world.

Everyone speaks of the economy. It's far from ideal. My recent mutual fund statement is now at a ridiculous level. I would love one day free of discussion.

I have a job... it's part-time just like I wanted. It has benefits just like I wanted. My days off feel few and far between - mostly because my personal life's schedule is crowding my work schedule... good grief woman get a grip!

Oops - back to whining when I am looking for a clearer outlook. I never said I was perfect!

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