Monday, July 30, 2012


Mike: Can't you just imagine the pioneers crossing Wyoming and coming over a ridge and seeing how the land goes on and on... They must have wondered if they would EVER arrive.

Me: I believe I know how they feel!

14 hours from starting point today at Iowa/Nebraska border. Still 1-1/2 hours from our Ogden beds.

Home tomorrow!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Getting Closer...

Last weekend was a bridal shower for Krieg and Karissa's wedding.  Yes I know - it's for the bride.  Krieg was asked to make an appearance to play a few rounds of "The Newlywed game".  He did so grudgingly but was a good sport.

It was a lovely shower at Miss Kathy's house.  Miss Kathy is the bride's mom's dear friend AND our GS's preschool teacher.  Small world. 

Even met a friend of the Bride's family who works at BCDC...  ok so that one could go either way. 

We felt a bit out of place.  The groom's representation was pretty sparse - just Brit, Erin and myself.  So many groups already familiar with one another and assembled together - the downside to being from outside the area and having family scattered.   I'm really looking forward to the Rehearsal dinner and wedding as our family and friends will be here too.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Drum Roll please...

Introducing Grandbaby #2. Please welcome "Cosmo" Mysexisyettobedetermined Murray. 11 weeks in the shell, the size of a lime and proceeding fine.