Monday, June 11, 2012

Holy Heck - I forgot...

Over the past couple of weeks I've opened and closed my Blog multiple times - each moment waiting for this spark of enlightenment - a moment of clarity - something brilliant to share.  Crickets.  Nada.  Zilch.

I completely forgot...  WE HAVE NEWS!

Shortly after our long Memorial Day weekend with the newlyweds I got a text.

Silly me I was in the process of calling my daughter to confirm what this was...  different era - not familiar.  We didn't use such devices.  As I'm getting the call out, she is calling me to indeed confirm - she's pregnant! 


Papa and I whispered about the news.  Mr. T was in the office and he's notorious for hearing EVERYTHING and later sharing details. (He spilled the beans about his Aunt Jules before they were ready to share.) I didn't want to spoil the news before big sister had a chance to tell her little brothers.  Especially since lately I'm not doing well in "do the right thing" department (unintentional but enthusiastic can only describe my faux pas but I digress...)

On the way to work I continued the conversation with our daughter, telling her we kept the news from her favorite 5 year old.  She decided to include him in the news.  She called him on Papa's phone and told him he was going to have another "cousin friend" (his term for the Oregon cousins).  He asked questions and very happily informed his Ah-Boo he wanted the baby in her tummy to be a cousin-boy so he has someone to play Legos.

Later when his momma came to pick him up he told her he was going to have a new 'cousin friend'.  She asked him what he meant.  He wandered around her questions, mostly because he was playing a game on the computer, until finally she said Tate, look at me...  who is your new cousin friend?  In a disgusted moment he looked at his momma and said "Ah-Boo's baby..."  (Duh!  hehe)

So despite the five years difference, grandbaby #2's big cousin is anxiously awaiting the early February arrival.  I think it was really sweet of Ah-Boo to include Mr. T in her announcement to his parents. 


Ginny said...

Congrats! I am soooo happy for you and Mike and the whole family! Yah for more grandbabies!!!

Trana Family said...

This post gave me the goose bumps!!!!!!! So exciting!

Erin Murray said...

Oh that's great! I hadn't heard how he told his Momma haha that's great!