Thursday, June 28, 2012

Lacrosse - the Next Generation...

Since 1991 we've always had a child playing a sport and a team to cheer on.  Soccer in Evansville, Soccer and Swimming in Neenah.  Lacrosse in Boise and most recently, the Pacific Northwest.  Lately our time spent on the sidelines are few and far between.  Mike's grandson in Texas plays football in Texas.  Our heart's desire would be to sit in the stands every week, however the reality is we can't just invite ourselves for a visit.  Krieg is still playing lacrosse but I'm not sure adult teams have parents on the sidelines cheering you on...  (All aboard the pity train!)

We've been waiting for our youngest grand to have activities which require attentive fans in the wings - especially a Gramma with a very large camera.  This spring I noticed the Y was offering a lacrosse camp for five year olds - what luck!  Outside of t-ball and soccer there isn't much for a five year old to learn around here. 
So for Mr. T's birthday we gave him a camp.  It was his to pick but we'd hoped the lacrosse would spark his interest.  It was!  His Tio provided a very cool lacrosse stick.  His Mom found cleats on sale.  His Dad and Tio tag teamed him to fit his new blue mouthguard. 
Ready for lacrosse camp.  All geared up!
Camp lasted four mornings.  The first day we encouraged him to stay with the coaches and kids.  He was a bit hesitant.  In no time he learned to pick up ground balls, how to pass and catch the ball.  Surprisingly there were several children who already had some stick skills (older siblings and coaches for parents). 
Warming up is an important part of every sport.
Catching the ball.
Tate and Tio (who came to watch & ensure it was legit!)
The second day the coaches taught the 5-7 year olds some drills to expand on their newly learned skills. 
Cradling the ball.

Day three was an actual scrimmage after a refresher of the skills.  Mr T's seen the game.  He knew how to hit the opponents stick to make them drop the ball.  The first time he did this it was against the only girl camper and she cried to the coaches "he hit me...!" 
Scrimmage time.
Day Four was scrimmaging and not nearly enough water breaks as far as Mr. T was concerned.  He was over lacrosse camp.

Goalie - just like Daddy
I'm certain this will be the first of many group activities for our favorite five year old., especially as his future interests expand (and Kindergarten evolves).  Rest assure his loyal fan base will be there to watch.

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