Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My Play Date...

We were fortunate enough to have Tate for company Father's Day weekend.  The following Monday we took him to his first day of lacrosse camp.  After lunch Papa was volunteering at Birds of Prey.  .

Tate and I passed some time sharing day-old bread with the pond ducks. He even met some new friends and offered to share

We walked around the pond, stopped to climb and tree and then played for a bit on the playground.

Naturally since Papa was out and about, Tate suggested we go check out the Birds too.  We love the new Subaru decorated for advertising, with a picture of Stoffel.

We checked out the microscope slides in the Children's area after reading all of the questions and answers.

Freedom, the Bald Eagle, loves to chat with visitors.  She'll squak at Papa when he steps outside.

The Condors aren't the most attractive birds but they've come back from near extinction. 

Papa and Tate

Nature Trail

Looking Northwest.

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