Thursday, February 5, 2009

From Sloth to Sleak...

We are trying out a new routine. You've got to know we are pretty set (stuck) in our ways. Mike has his routine while I'm at work. I'm pretty sure most of it involves the computer when Taten isn't around (at least until the warm weather returns or I have a project he can actively avoid).

I get off work, make dinner, Mike cleans up and then we become sloths. I keep up with some of the household chores beyond the vacuuming which Mike handles during the day. Riley gets walked a few times a week. We don't exactly exude energy after dark! Perhaps it's the cold weather. I'm much better about getting out and finding a flower bed to work in when the weather is pleasant and the days are longer.

Sometime during the inversion week(s) I came across a flyer for Community Ed classes at the Y. I found one that would actually go with my fluctuating work schedule and signed up. Naturally it started on a MONDAY! I kept reminding myself how beneficial the exercise would be and convinced Mike to come with me to the Y and walk while I have the class.

Class was surprisingly fun. I ran into a friend also taking the class. For the sake of my youngest child I'll be delicate here... the instructor is a bit demonstrative and makes me chuckle. His job is perfect for him, peacocking in front of a mirror for the crowd - amplified for the benefit of his followers - and sharing Hollywood's latest gossip over the music. Imagine Richard Simmons in yogawear... and don't think the musical selection of Abba's "Dancing Queen" went unnoticed.

It was entertaining to say the least and the hour passed quickly, though when he shared we were ten minutes into the first class I had my doubts I'd survive. Ok - so I'm out of shape. Who knew 5 lb weights were so heavy? Evidently walking Riley is not the equivalent to the necessary cardio workout suggested by the Surgeon General.

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