Thursday, February 12, 2009

Home Alone

I'm home alone for a week (yeeeehhaaaaaa). I have this ambitious 'to do' list which I'm going to misplace. Surely I can think of other things to occupy my time.

I will eat cookies with milk for breakfast, completely ignoring my fruit and oatmeal routine, throwing my cholesterol into a major spike.

I am going to leave the TV on even after I am no longer in the room.

I will have long, chatty conversations with the dog but ignore the cats!

I will tune the radio station to my favorite oldies and sing loud enough so that the cats ignore me too!

If I choose to vacuum I shall work on my "dancing with the stars" moves for the next competition.

Who knows - I may even run with scissors - live on the wild side - holy cow! With my luck I'd trip and fall, lie there bleeding having successfully managed to get the cats to ignore me, and have the dog waiting for me to throw a ball.

On second thought I'll just stick with my 'to do' list.

1 comment:

Mags Shaw said...

Okay, it's clear I can't leave you home alone with no adult supervision, especially if you lock the cats out.