Monday, February 2, 2009

January - One year in our Empty Nest...

A year ago our youngest flew the coop... transferred to U of I leaving us old folks home alone without adult supervision.

We roam the empty rooms of our once overflowing home... recalling the accidental BB gun shooting, the steak fork incident and other mysteries that slowly reveal themselves to us as time passes (and the kids figure it's safer to share - because we'll laugh now).

What luck when we happened through the neighborhood looking for homes for sale and encountered our "for sale by owner" listing, available to move in with no delays. Just as we needed.

We've slowly turned this former 'rental to a family with five little boys' into our home - with our own personal touches - enjoying the compliments from folks who walk passed.

We recall our daughter moving out - moving in - and moving out again.

We fondly recall the lunch time gatherings of high school aged boys who made sure our leftovers never went bad and the numerous spaghetti dinners for lacrosse players, continuing a swim team tradition from Wisconsin.

Somehow we've managed to struggle through the dreariness - day after day...

PSYCH! We are actually having a great time. As much as we love having everyone home under one roof - it's delightful when it's just the two of us... somehow we manage to get through the day! He! He! He!


skinton said...

I like the leaves photo - That's a classic

Ginny said...

I hear you! I remember thinking when Jon went away to college in 2002 (and never came back except to visit) that I was way too young to have an empty nest. I actually was a little angry at myself for not having a few more kids! Until I realized that I didn't have to cook dinner if we weren't hungry! We didn't have to rush home for anybody etc. Glad to hear that you are enjoying yourselves.

Did you read Lori's and my blogs and see that we are going to be welcoming a new little boy into the family very soon? Let the spoiling (uh...loving) begin!