Monday, April 4, 2011

Love you Double Big Much!

Our sweetheart of a grandson Taten turns 4 years old today!

He loves his sleepovers and frequently because his Momma leaves for work early we get him the night before... At bedtime we say prayers and I tell Tate I love him more than the moon and the stars in the sky and extend my arms out wide. He returned one night with his own version - I love you BIG MUCH Drahma! My heart melted.

Not too long ago I went to pull out his bed (he sleeps in the lowered trundle) and found a big scanned picture of his hand with the sign for I Love You. He makes me laugh sometimes. He was so tickled to have surprised me! He and his Papa - what a pair.

Last week was so frustrating - I opened an email and found an extra special attachment. Who wouldn't be able to smile with a Double Big Much! Happy Birthday Taten Michael. I love you extra Big Much!

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