Monday, April 4, 2011

No April Fools...

We started out our April weekends with a road trip - reminiscent of previous April weekends - to Moscow for a lacrosse game. A Friday free of work allowed us an earlier departure and a few extra hours with our two students. The weather was absolutely warm and beautiful making for a gorgeous Spring drive.

Erin and I played with some of the silk flowers we've purchased and created samples for her attendants. We made a sample for the groomsmen and Dads. Moms will get a lovely wrist corsage. She's picked what she wants for her bouquet. We are now ready to contact the florist.

We continued to make progress with invitations - now ready to place our order; AND they have narrowed down their cake choices to THREE! :-)

Chris was playing in a hockey tournament all weekend so he was in and out. Friday night we met up with Krieg and Karissa at the Alehouse for dinner.

Saturday we had some errands to run, met Erin for breakfast and attended the Vandal lacrosse game. The weather was so far the extreme opposite of Friday. During the night we had thunder, lightening, strong wind and driving rain. At 2pm the game started out windy with clouds and continued with rain, sleet, hail, grapple, snow, more wind and finally sunshine once more. Despite crazy Mother Nature we enjoyed see so many of our Vandal Lacrosse family. It was like a family reunion. Hugs, kisses and lots of chatter throughout the game to catch up.

Saturday night we were able to have dinner with our students and self-appointed son before Erin had to go to work. We followed her to Mix and had a drink while visiting with her and her manager Nick and his friend Ashley. Our intent was to "just stay an hour" and ended up there until they closed at midnight. It's a fun
little martini/wine bar and the atmosphere AND company were great!

Despite both 2am bedtimes we still were awake before 8:30 Sunday morning so loaded up and headed for home. Our normal route was detoured because of rock slides and we just missed a truck fire on the Interstate which closed down traffic.

So hard to believe we are under six months for Erin & Chris' wedding; the students will graduate in less than six weeks and relocating will begin shortly after. Where does the time go?!

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