Friday, October 21, 2011

A confession...

My name is Deb and I am a procrastinator - but this week I started my 12-step program.

I checked more things off my "to do" list than I added.

I finished projects. Bird houses will add color next summer when included with the hanging pots of flowers.

I 'winterized' the yard BEFORE winter started. Perennials are cut back. We are in a good place to keep up with the maple trees when the leaves drop this year.

I worked out on my days off AND a even two of my three work days. I'm taking advantage of the beautiful days, testing out my endurance for walking/running intervals; walking to the Y and working the Strive circuit machines as well as Zumba classes.

I am limiting my time on SpaceBook... the way the new format selects what I see and don't see frustrates me anyway.

I am making the most of our time spent with our grandson. His sleepovers are always welcome. Spending time with him after his morning at preschool and hearing his stories when they are fresh on his mind is such priceless quality time.

I am enjoying the change of seasons.

Post-wedding life in our household continues with flair. We are already getting an itch for a road trip - checking our "bucket list" of places we'd like to visit on weekends and working out the details.

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Amy said...

oh sweets, what i'd give to check things off my to-do list... happy for you!