Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Four Day Holiday Weekend...

Any weekend is off to a good start when Ethel and Lucy have a chance to catch up.  
After posting a couple message back and forth on social media we went for the "private" chat - a great phone call with lots of laughs.   
I learned there are only two glasses of wine in a bottle of Moscato.  'Nuf said. 

As the day turned to dusk we just weren't ready to go inside and call it a day.  
This time of year the temperatures are pleasantly warming during the day. 
 Night fall has just enough chill to make a fitepit very inviting. 
Or just sitting under the lights... 

We waited way too long to add the screen doors to the dining room doors.  
But it sure is nice now when we DO go inside to sit with the doors open and enjoy the breeze. 

Papa has made so much progress moving the pavers closer together.
We finally had to go purchase another load.  
1,050lbs to be exact.  
Loaded on wagon, unloaded into truck, carried into back yard, and moved into place. 
We have one corner and the walkway left... 

Every project has a supervisor...  
Ours is a shaggy, bossy six month old. 

So a coworker and I were talking.  He reminded me the Drive-in Movie was open again.
When I mentioned it to the kids at early morning soccer, they suggested we go on Sunday night.
So we gathered up the gang, bought our snacks and headed for Parma. 
We enjoyed the beautiful evening sky while waiting for the sun to set.    

Our partners in crime. Tate was off playing with his cousins.
Brit's sister Melissa and family joined as well.  It's our outdoor theater tradition.

The ol' farts.

Getting close!

Por Fin...  Rio 2 and for the big kids later we watched Captain America. 
 It was 2:30 by the time we got home.  
Needless to say our Memorial Day was pretty low-key!
Can't wait to return...

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