Monday, May 26, 2014

Happy Memorial Day!

When I joined the Navy, this gentle-man was my supervisor - and he was one of several who took me under their wings and did their very best to keep me out of trouble.  
Chief Arnold 'Flip' Turner
I was a small town girl far from home.  
I am so very grateful to Flip, as well as Lew & Donna (who later became our first born's Godparents)
and Mike & Linda (who actually shared their home with me) for being my family away from home. 

Yep - I was stellar at multi-tasking.  

My enlistment was four years.  I got out, proud to have served my country. 
And then married into the same service.

Our family started in California and moved to Virginia/Washington DC.
We lived in Venezuela  where we were "hired" for the job as a couple.  
We spent a tour living on base in Puerto Rico as well. 
We traveled all over the Caribbean..
We did our very best to represent America.  
Mike and his assistant Andy - our youngest son's Godfather
Social activities were a big part of our work together.  
We attended parties with the other Diplomats on a regular basis. 
Mike, Ambassador to Venezuela and Tom
I'm proud of the life we created, the country we served.
Mike with Vice President Quayle
I'm very proud to be an American. 

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