Sunday, May 4, 2014

Old Friends and Birthday Road Trips...

So...  way back when...  I was going to spend ten months living with someone I didn't know.  

We met because our 'guys' were room-mates and preparing to deploy for ten months on a Navy cruise. I'm sure we both spent a moment or two with our 'guy' asking if they'd lost their minds. 

On the surface we had absolutely nothing in common other than being female.  I was serious, tried to be stable, nose to the grind-stone, serving in the Navy,  etc.  She was fun-loving, carefree, moving from Hawaii where she took photos of tourists and arrived with everything she owned in the back of the smallest car I'd ever seen.  

In the end our roller coaster ride brought us closer together.  We can honestly accept one another, faults and all.  We've seen each others highs and lows.  We married our 'guys', moved duty stations (more than once) and had children.  

Her home was shared with us when we wanted to leave Venezuela for Thanksgiving and family was just too far.  Her home was my refuge when Puerto Rico was recovering from Hurricane Hugo and I needed a taste of normalcy.  Our husbands retired and our new lives began.  But we always found our way back. 
She's had to face some big questions of late.  Despite her broken heart, she continues to be a strong.  I'm certain it isn't always easy.  I wanted to show her some of the beauty that surrounds us this Spring.  For her birthday we drove to McCall for lunch.  It was an easy choice - she's never been.  It was the perfect place for the two of us to spend a day together with our cameras - doing a little hiking, exploring a few cute shops, and seeking out delicious chocolate fudge!

Thanks for going with me Sister-Friend!

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