Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Catching Up...

Just your average clumsy week at work.  I kept busy Thursday as our department adjusted to outside events and our new inside scrubs.   It was our Employee Appreciation BBQ but we now have new grey scrubs which are not permitted to be worn outdoors.  

Fortunately we have plenty of carts and food service was great to arrange to have the food packed up for our department - I just had to bring it up.  It took three trips at lunch but we got everyone fed.  

Since I'm around until 7pm, I repeated the trip for the evening staff but this time was a much smaller scale.  As I was getting meal preferences, I stepped into one of the OR's, holding the heavy door open with my backside.  When I realized the room was starting to open the next case I went ahead and stepped further into the room, but neglected to remove my hand from the door jam in time - and the door closed on my fingers.  

Let me tell you IT HURT!  Plus it created all kind of drama.  As ice was applied my dear sweet friend and coworker completed the accident report just before I headed down to Employee Health.  It only took an hour with a trip to x-ray, but nothing was broken and I returned to work with a neon pink wrap and a splint on my hand. 
Graceful - but not a tear nor curse shed.  Just a majorly bruised ego. 
Saturday we went to Tate's soccer game.  Afterward his dad and Papa joined BACA (Bikers Against Child Abuse) for a 110 mile ride across southern Idaho.
Saluting those who served on Armed Forces Day

Sunday was quiet.  I worked in the yard while Mike did a special session at Birds of Prey for a group of Seniors from Canada.  The weather was beautiful and we enjoyed some time on the deck when Mike returned. 

Monday AM we were up early to take Ruger to Idaho Humane Society for his neutering.  As much as I would adore finding a female schnauzer and having our own litter of puppies, it's such a huge undertaking and responsibility.   Ruger is a fun little guy with a quirky personality.  He was out of the house all day and Lola took full advantage of  the opportunity to stroll through without having Ruger around. 

Our new screen doors were installed as well.  They were made by a woman here in town and look like they were installed with the French doors.  Very nice quality and craftsmanship.  Definitely do not have that 'added on' look.  We are so excited to have the doors.  

We've waited 8 years (when we installed the French doors) to sit here at night and enjoy the breeze coming in off the shaded deck outside.  
Our little guy came home, somewhat groggy from anesthesia but happy nonetheless.  He spent a quiet night on our laps.  Not too spoiled.  
We still have a few projects to wrap up.  The garden is planted.  The flower pots are filled.  I'm closer to finishing the fresh coat of paint on the interior trim downstairs AND Mike is doing a scrub on the deck outside.  No need for an expensive deck cleaner - simply water, vinegar, baking soda and lemon.   In a couple of days he will get it resealed.

Have a great week!

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