Sunday, June 1, 2014

It's JUNE!

 For whatever reason I adore the month of June. 
Maybe it's because I grew up having "June is Dairy month" engraved in my head. 
And since I am a cheese head by birthright it just seems to go hand-in-hand.
Or maybe it's just my love for ice cream. 

Friday we had a sleepover with this little guy.  Isn't he a cutie?
Baby C isn't much of a baby any more.
Papa had the evening shift.  Dinner.  Playtime.  Bedtime. 
It was my late night at work.
I was the first smile he saw in the morning.  

Mr. T had Saturday afternoon soccer.  His Momma had to leave to work.  
Gramma was completely outnumbered by testosterone when it came to our close proximity to High Desert Harley Davidson.  Actually Papa and Mr. T's Dad were registering for the Patriot Thunder Ride.
We wrapped up our afternoon together with dinner. 

Sunday AM, the guys headed out for their ride with 200+ of their closest riding buddies, 
for the Idaho Patriot Thunder ride. 
Normally it is an organized ride, with Idaho State Patrol escorting the riders to Mountain Home.  
This year ISP was not able to budget the escort and it was said the ride would have to cancel.  The money collected for the ride was meant for the Veterans and not the salary of the escorts. 
A couple of organizers started a social media campaign.  Riders registered, and the money went to the Wounded Warrior fund.  Famous Dave's donated catered food for the riders.  
They started from Idaho Ice World. 

Scary biker dude
The ride to Mountain Home was a success. The Mayor spoke and donuts were offered.  The riders returned to Meridian where they were welcomed by Governor, the Mountain Home AFB Commander.  There was a flag raising ceremony and food to celebrate the successful, safe ride.  

ISP reported only one complaint by a driver who said the miles of motorcycles on the Interstate were causing him to feel road rage...  (anger management...)

Matthew made the KBOI News.  
Meanwhile, back at the ranch...  Mr. T and I were holding down the fort.  
This amazing seven year old was such a great help.  He dead-headed flowers in the gardens.  He watered the vegetable garden.  He used the blower to clean the cut grass from the sidewalks as I mowed.  
And Gramma got to spend the entire afternoon with him.  
He reminds me of his daddy, who was always willing to help work in the yard.  
Here's to a job well done!

The guys got home and Papa got some time with Mr. T too. 

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