Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Ruidini Escapes

We've been bad about using the crate for Ruger at night.  When he arrived, we worried about his puppy cries keeping Erin, Chris and Baby C awake at night.

When they moved out we just didn't try.

We do use the crate when we leave the house.

Now Ruger is 7 months old.  We thought we'd give him more room for the longer stretches when he is home alone.  We set him up in the laundry room with a baby gate.

A couple weeks ago Mike left Ruger securely in the laundry room - and came home to be met at the door by the dog...  three different times.

We were completely baffled.  The tile floor and island outside the door seemed to make it unrealistic to jump over the gate - though the dog has some hops.

We were running to the store one evening and I set up my laptop to record the laundry room while we were out.  Sure enough when we got home Ruger met us the door.  We quickly put down the groceries and raced to watch our escape artist at work.

By the way it took him four minutes and 27 seconds to get over the gate.
What a stinker!

Oh and the  next day I returned the $100 bark collar.  He figured out how to bark with a pitch just low enough to avoid setting it off. 

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