Friday, October 29, 2010

Weekend Retreat...

Our traditional family October retreat took place once again this past weekend. Thursday after work Matt, Brit, Taten and myself were pulling a near-all nighter to drive to Washington state, meet up with Mike (who'd been there all week visiting) and overnighted at our "summer place" with our daughter-in-law Debbie.

Friday we headed to the Coast and our little slice of heaven - Kalaloch. Our UofI students survived midterm week and drove over late Friday as well as our dear friends Mike & Linda, who recently moved to the Seattle area.

Saturday we ventured down to the beach at high tide. The beach logs were back but a convenient path to reach the water's edge was available. Despite the cold temperatures and high tide, our oldest and youngest sacrificed their dry clothing to keep their nephew entertained. Taten had talked of nothing for a week except "the beach" and he was determined to play.

With questionable "adult" supervision Taten was able to jump in the surf, stopping only for a periodic emptying of the boot when it became too full.

Erin, Matthew, Taten and Krieg

Britnee was hiding up on the beach logs with me keeping warm and DRY.

I even made it down to the shore (despite the boot/crutches and the whole non-weight bearing status) - with the help of my trusty "sticks".

There are a few beach trails that have better pathways than others. I got down to the sand, found a comfortable beach log and watched my family make special memories together.

Britnee, Matthew and Taten

Uof I Vandals - Krieg and Erin

Back inside our cozy cabin, we enjoyed a warm fire, rain falling outside (as well as some thunder, lightening and 60-70mph winds), way too much yummy food, a few competitive games and your basic R & R.

All too soon our visit was over and we were once more on the road heading our separate ways. For awhile we were a 3 vehicle caravan. Taten put his window down in Aberdeen to wave to the red (Papa) and yellow (Ah-Boo and Tio) jeeps behind us.

We even stopped in Centralia on the way home to enjoy a meal and fun visit with Debbie in her new restaurant

Another Kalaloch visit in the books. More memories in our hearts.

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