Tuesday, November 9, 2010

With my Eyes Wide Open...

I've had this boot on my foot for WAY too long... It started in August but at least then I could still take it off to drive myself around. When the pins were inserted in October I was given a special "driving boot". Honestly it is so uncomfortable to wear it and the risk involved in putting pressure on the gas pedal allowed me to accept my husband's offer to drive me back and forth to work.

On several of these trips, we've had the pleasure of Taten's company. My work hours vary as does the location so the route changes. Along the way Taten shares what he sees. Railroad tracks, 'Hot balloons', dump trucks, fast cars, blue houses, pretty trees, big mountains... it's a steady commentary.

I never cease to be amazed with what he catches which we see every day - and take for granted. Everyone should stop and watch the world go by from a 3 year old's prospective. Thank you Tate for reminding me to be less jaded and enjoy my life more.

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