Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veteran's Day...

Our family of veterans. Dad (Mike), sons (Michael Rihn & Matthew Robert), grandson Alexander, grandfather (Tom), and mom (Deb), as well as Krieg's godfather (Andy Otano).

Our daughter Erin put together this collage of family members who have served our country proudly. She wasn't able to locate a picture of our son-in-law Danny in uniform, who was in the National Guard but he too should be included. Mike's son Michael Rihn is married to Sharon, who is presently active duty.

We would be remiss if we forgot to mention our close family friends Mike & Linda Palomino and Flip turner as well as Erin's Godfather Lew Flitcraft. There are so many friends and family with whom we've been stationed, shared highs and lows and still remain in touch.

Thank you all for the sacrifices you've made so we may live a free life today.

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