Monday, October 11, 2010

This little piggy went to the doctor...

As part of this 'year of changes' I began dieting and exercising. Eating smaller portions wasn't such a big deal. Making healthier choices was easier than I thought it would be.

Interval training on the treadmill, water aerobics and Zumba classes helped in shedding some weight.

At one point back in April I felt something 'pop' in my foot. I walked it off - got back on track and kept at the routine.

Ice packs on the tender spots seemed like enough. How bad could it be? It was like rolling the ankle but more on the top of my foot. Who runs to the doctor for a little ache or pain.

When I was at my annual physical we discussed the changes I've been making - I happily accepted the doctor's praise for my healthier choices. Since we were on the subject of 'aging' I asked if there was anything I could do to strengthen the ligaments or muscles in my foot and explained what happened. It was like opening Pandora's box... an x-ray to check for a stress fracture, an MRI to determine if it was tendinitis, and finally a foot specialist. Good grief.

I explained what led to my latest visit, the doctor decided I should have one more set of x-rays. He then told me I had injured a ligament in my foot. It's a common sports injury and often the result of a car accident. The lins franc ligament holds together the metatarsus and tarsus bones together.

I spent six weeks in a lovely walking boot. Ka-thunk, ka-thunk. It's a lovely addition to one's August wardrobe. (Read: HOT!) However it was unsuccessful at healing.

My choices were - 1) orthodics for six months to see if it heals on it's own, 2) 4-6 weeks in a non-weight bearing status on crutches; or 3) surgery. Each of the options led to surgery so I opted to skip all the waiting and just have the surgery. I wanted to move forward.

Last week I had ligament surgery. A nerve block to the back of my knee and an IV sedation. I woke 2 hours later with a heavy foot and a useless leg. It took over 24 hours to get any feeling back in my foot.

Imagine our household... Mike with his limited abilities because of his recovery from back surgery - Me with my booted leg.

Mike is a good sport about the chores - he hired a house cleaner!

I have three wires in my foot held in place by the beads. The pins run lengthwise with the first two bones and then one angled across the two bones and through the ligament. The pins will remain in place for six weeks.

Crutches are not my favorite means of transportation as I've determined this week... I'm a klutz. I'm somewhere between a size 5'11 and a 6'0. Mike 'fitted' them per the directions but no where did it mention the pain to the elbows and wrists or the gnarly bruises under my arm pits on the side of my breasts. (Obviously I'm not doing something right!

There should be a warning to wear a fitted shirt as an undergarment. If not for the injured party than certainly for those who have to watch... My shirt keeps riding up my chest revealing my stomach. The top of the crutches are constantly getting caught up in the sleeves of whatever I'm wearing. The under wire on my bra catches too.

On the other hand walking on crutches is a great calorie burner and my appetite is nil so perhaps I will be able to use this time to make better food choices.

Apparently the doctor agreed because when I left my follow up appointment last week I had a prescription for a new set of wheels.

A scooter! Tate calls it my 'doh-tart'.

Truthfully I would look much sweeter on a scooter like this...

But in reality this is much more realistic! Oh well...

It's a small sacrifice for two good feet. Meanwhile I have two weeks off work. Mike set up the office computer with a "foot up" area for me to sit and scan photos. I have plenty of reading material and some scrapbook projects.

I'm home alone this week while Mike visits the Texas gang. So far no drama. The weather is treating us to some gorgeous fall temperatures. I think it's time to figure out how to 'scoot' around the block with Riley. I need to be outside.
Riley is a bit leery of my wheels in the house and prefers his post on the stairwell landing.

More important - I can't wait to get back to my workout routine!

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Trana Family said...

augh... i dont like the picture of the pins! makes my belly not feel too good. I do like your new ride though!