Thursday, October 21, 2010

Left or Right Hand?

Our daughter is talented, beautiful, very focused and has a great sense of humor. Much like her mother who is very RIGHT brained - that creative side.

However once in awhile her father genes shove their way to the top and take over. They aren't bad genes - in fact he has a great sense of humor however he's very black and white at times.

Today I'm bragging to her because I've got less than three (yes, count'em THREE!) hours left of work and then we will be heading for the Washington Coast.

She writes to tell me she's finished a mid-term test from ech-ee-double hockey sticks and wonders if it's too early for a margarita.

She still has a shift at the biology lab to work. She says "a margarita might make the microscope work more fun!". She's presently looking thru water samples for left handed snails.

Thinking I'm being funny I said, "Who knew there were left handed snails? How can you tell? Is their watch on their right arm?".

She proceeds to share how snails curl in a different way. If you face the opening of the snail at you, and reach in to grab the meal the holes are on different sides and the curl goes opposite, or curled around itself.

Not even a LOL. The girl needs a vacation!

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