Thursday, October 14, 2010

Things I've learned while in Confinement...

1. Nonskid on my good foot makes the scooter go faster.
2. I don't make left turns very well.
3. I cannot back up without running over my good foot.
4. The weather outside is beautiful when you cannot escape.
5. Riley sleeps alot.
6. I suspect I'm on to the secret of hoarding narcotic prescriptions.
7. Everything I WANT to do involves being outside on TWO feet.
8. Thank you for your visit.
9. I also enjoy the chats on the phone. It breaks up the silence.
10. Make a bigger stash of chocolate.
11. I'm not very good at rationing.
12. If I take time to brush my hair, dress in something besides sweats and add a little make-up -I will be home alone all day.
13. Crutches are NOT my friend.
14. WiFi and laptops are a necessity.
15. The inventor of the duct tape/hefty bag shower combination is a freakin' genius!
16. Leaves make no noise when they crash land.
17. There is an NCIS or Law and Order on at any given time.
18. There are a lot more places online to order food AND have it delivered than I originally believed.
19. Jimmy John's needs to expand their delivery circle one quarter mile otherwise I have to meet them in the LDS church parking lot outside of our neighborhood.
20. I still like cold pizza at the age of 50!
21. I'm off work, home by myself and there are STILL others who spend more time of Facebook than I do. Sad.
22. As soon as I go up the stairs I will remember something I wanted to do downstairs.
23. If I am going past, stop and use the bathroom otherwise I'll need to as soon as I sit down.
24. There IS a limit to the number of laps I can make in the house before going crazy.
25. If I plan to sleep in - do not need to set the alarm - my neighbor will be outdoors at 8am with his electric trimmer.

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