Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hello my name is Deb...

And I'm a Vandal Lacrosse Addict.

Apparently there are a couple other Vandal Senior parents who are open to a support group. We're thinking parent alumni gatherings near future game locations, therapy sessions near wine tasting (strictly for medicinal purpose of course) and group discussions (because we've all been "family" for too long to not stay in touch). We will create our own 12-Step program.

This weekend was the Gem State Tournament in Boise. Selfishly I offered our home up for hosting the team dinner. Honestly I was afraid I wouldn't get to any of the games and really wanted to have the chance to see everyone.

The Vandals came to town with a 26 man roster. We had nearly that many parents and family join. It was the easiest dinner I've ever hosted. One parent did all the organizing and even dropped stuff off during the week. I made a large pot of spaghetti sauce. My friend, and fellow lacrosse parent, Cindy came early (sacrificing good photography light on the sideline) to cook spaghetti and take over kitchen duties. Alex and Carol both pitched in as did so many others. The boys were treated to mounds of spaghetti, fresh salad, hot garlic bread and soooo many cupcakes and brownies...

We are so blessed to have these wonderful people as friends. Thank you all.

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