Tuesday, January 26, 2010

On the mend...

Looks like our family members are on the mend.

Mike's hand now has five fingers all pointing the same (normal) direction. No surprise he took off the splint within 48 hours of the dislocation to type on the computer on Friday morning. At least he's taping them. They still look a tad swollen - until you compare it to the other hand. He is already back at the Y 3 days a week for his work out.

Tonya had her surgery last week Wednesday. They were late getting started. She was groggy and in a great deal of pain after surgery. Her scheduled departure on Friday came and went. She wasn't managing the pain well and still using the pump for med distribution. She was hopeful for Saturday but as it turned out ended up not being discharged until Monday morning.

While in the hospital she also had an MRI on her shoulder. She is having difficulty with range of motion in her shoulder. It looked normal.

The doctor showed her the xray. She said it looked like a bicycle chain was in her foot - along with the plate and steel pins. She is 'non weight bearing' for 2-3 months. Please continue to pray for a complete recovery.

I plan to resend the "No Drama in 2010" memo to our family one more time!

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Amy pipes in... said...

No kidding, make sure you tell the Shaw Family to listen to you this time!