Saturday, February 6, 2010

The first results are in...

It's time to weigh in... it's possible I found my groove...
Four weeks into my personal promise.
Four weeks into our Biggest Loser participation.
Four weeks of exercising.
Four weeks of counting calories and making smart choices.
Four weeks I outlasted all of those, with New Years Resolutions,
who clogged the exercise equipment at the Y.
Four weeks I managed to stick, with my healthy life style thru work and play.
I have a fresh mind set.

Once upon a time, I use to be athletic.
Once upon a time I could play basketball - not just H-O-R-S-E.
Once upon a time I could hit a softball and run the bases.
I wouldn't be able to pinpoint the moment I quit taking care of myself.
Perhaps it was just set aside while I was taking care of my husband and family.
I wasn't a single parent but there were times...
I let every day living take priority because it was important to me.
I quite playing the games myself
and took a seat on the sidelines proudly watching my kids.
I wouldn't mind regaining some of that energy.
I remember a time when running after work was the norm.
Oh that was a LONG time ago.
I do not enjoy running any more.
But I have found some replacements that work with my varied work routine.

Who knew treadmills didn't have to be monotonous.
I have found a couple programs on the treadmill
offering cross country paths.
I walk up virtual hills, down virtual valleys and
when I have four or five minutes of level ground I even run a bit.

Scary, huh?!

All of those years joking about my 'virtual workout' and now it's a reality.
I am excited knowing when I step on the treadmill,
plug in the tunes or dial in a TV show
I can walk away nearly 600 calories!

It feels so 'freakin' good too!

I found a great online program to track my calories and exercise.
There is even an 'App' for my phone.
I now obsess over the calories of the food I ingest and
decide if it's really worth it in the end (or the backside).
It's a perfect solution for my OCD-ness.

Did you know a bowl of Fettucini Alfredo from a
popular Italian restaurant chain is 1220 calories!

Absolutely nuts... that's more than my entire days worth of calories.

My faithful diet and exercise companions,
Mike and Britnee, also frequent the Y.
Water aerobics have proven to be another effective calorie burner twice a week.
Zap away nearly 500 calories doing something I enjoy!
We brave the chilly water at the end of a work day.
Yes you CAN break a sweat in the pool!

And BONUS - we've discovered fifteen minutes in the sauna after class and
walking out into the air feeling like a York Peppermint Patty.

In return for following me to water aerobics,
I go with Brit to Yoga class.
The 'fluid' motion hasn't quite made it into my routine.
I'm usually exhaling when the instructor is calmly saying inhale.
I have to peak under my arms or between my legs to see what
position she is in because I'm not familiar with Yoga-lingo.
When the room is full I have to be careful about my placement on my mat.
I tend to be all over - Up - Back - Up...
Brings back memories of scenes from a dog park.
You might even say it gives new meaning to 'downward facing dog'.

I have to admit. It's amazing how slow, deliberate motions can feel so good.
Stimulating and relaxing.
(Ha! Not even on my BEST day!)

This morning was the big first weigh in... I lost 9lbs.
It's not as much as I'd hope to shed but I put it in perspective.
In the pantry is a ten pound sack of sugar.

Holy heck!

Yes indeed there is that much LESS Deb to carry around!

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Lynn said...

congratulations, Deb! you're such an inspiration that i cleaned my hobby room out yesterday and made it into more of an exercise room. i'm starting back on The Firm again! GOD, i love those workouts! keep going. you're past the hard part. i ran into a saying yesterday: it takes 21 days to form a habit! it's easy after that. : )