Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Olympic Games

Yes. I admit. I've spent a few hours recently observing the Olympic games. It would be difficult not to get caught up in the emotion and excitement at times. Go U.S.A.

There has also been a great deal more activity in our household these past weeks. Though not quite Olympians, we have discovered that we can work out four or five times a week and still watch a few of our favorite events.

Sadly I am not an Olympic caliber athlete. Despite the fact I was born in Wisconsin I do not enjoy the cold, winter sports.

While I did grow up skating away many winter hours on the frozen pond in our city park, I am certain I would not be a candidate for figure skating. I have trouble envisioning myself leaping or spinning - at least not on purpose.

The downhill skiing and snowboarding events are very exciting. The falls are frightening - thus ending my desire to participate. I have downhill skied - many times growing up in Wisconsin... and even twice here in Idaho. Any similarity to these experiences ends right there! While I was way cool shushing my way down what I considered quite a daring hill in Wisconsin, I barely survived the next slope up from the bunny hill in Idaho. I proudly waved as my sons zipped past me while they descended from their much higher starting points and continued to snow plow myself to the bottom. In my defense, gravity and I are no longer on speaking terms and falling seems much harsher in my current decade.

Friday I watched women Olympians run and throw themselves onto plastic (fiberglass) sleds and propel their bodies at a bazillion miles per hour through ice coated trenches. This was horrific! Did I mention they went head first and steered with their feet, all the while wearing Spandex for God's sake! Rest assured after watching the Skeleton event I automatically disqualified myself from the race, before even warming up, for the following reasons:

1. I would never be able to hold my head up at that angle to see where I was going (nor would I care to see). I am only assuming they also have their eyes open!

2. My size 10-1/2 feet would no doubt prevent my rocket like propelling down the ice. I would be the athlete to leave two toe trenches in the path and eventually arrive at the bottom with a 4 minute time.

Oh - And... most importantly 3. There is something SO wrong about grown women, even athletic FIT grown women, jiggling down a icy slope in SPANDEX! It's not at all flattering and I don't think changing a camera view is going to make an ounce of difference. Nope Skeleton is not for me!

Perhaps I shall try hockey. It's similar to lacrosse and soccer, both of which I'm familiar. No one would really notice if my flailing arms and legs were intentional or just lack of coordination. There is lots of padding AND a helmet to cover my head if I'm having a bad hair day. Not to mention - you get sticks - and if I'm having a really crappy day sticks would be a nice advantage! Hmmm, maybe my Olympian debut is still possible.


Trana Family said...

o god you crack me up!! I was laughing out loud at the Skelton comments!!

Lynn said...

Now that ice dancing/ice skating has begun, I'm watching, too. We DID watch some curling last night. Strange. . . interesting. . .