Tuesday, February 23, 2010

We we went went to to Walla Walla...

This weekend was the season opener for University of Idaho Men's Lacrosse! Saturday morning we loaded up the car and headed west in snowflakes and sunshine. A mere 4-1/2 hours later we were pulling into Walla Walla and walking across the grassy field to the first game of Krieg's last year of lacrosse. Whoa. I said that didn't I?

The Vandals played a great game at Whitman College. Whitman may have come out a tad too comfortable as they played in the finals last year and UI is considered a small scale team. With the exception of a brief struggle in the 3rd quarter, allowing Whitman to get 4 of their 5 goals, the Vandals dominated.

It was apparent during the Fall games this team is a united front. They run, they think, they play lacrosse. They want this to be a season to remember - and I have absolutely NO DOUBT that it will.

Of course, I sound like a completely proud, very biased parent. Heck! Guilty as charged. I've seen the way Krieg has grown with lacrosse, ever since our first visit to Idaho and his first sighting of lacrosse player.

We witnessed a very distressed Whitman coaching staff, several questionable calls late in the game - just a bit extreme. Crazy penalties. Four Vandals in the penalty box and UI still stole the ball and made a run on the goal as time ran out. The Vandals beat Whitman College 15-5.

After the game we followed the caravan 2-1/2 hours back to Moscow, did some quick grocery shopping while the guys cleaned up, made dinner and watched the Olympics with some of our favorite people.

We spent the night with Erin and her roomies. My first visit this year to her new place. It's so nice to see she finally lives in a nice place - and we don't have to fret about her safety.

After breakfast out with the kids we had a pleasant uneventful 5-1/2 hour trip back to Boise - to prepare for week #2!
I-D-A-H-O... Idaho Idaho Go Go Go!


Lynn said...

Cccoooool! :)

Amy said...

Awesome action shots!