Tuesday, February 16, 2010

To Wisconsin and back again...

With the first of our many weekend adventures under our belts, we are treading water this week, pretending to be organized, caught up and on top of our 'to do' list.

The reality is we had just barely adjusted to the Central Time Zone when we returned to our regularly scheduled programming.

Our trip to see my folks in Wisconsin was uneventfully (is that a word) full. My sister drove up from the Windy City to spend an overnight. We shared lunch with our cousin and folks, visited Dad's sister, drove to Mad-town to pick up my nephew who hopped a bus from Marquette University to join us. Lots of snow covered farm fields but a great one-on-one chance to catch up with my sister.

Our second full day started with breakfast out, seeing Diana and Kevin off for their return trip, a visit with Dad's brother and sister-in-law to share thoughts on family history and art projects. Yet another meal out and the movie "Nights at Rodanthe" in our comfy clothes at home wrapped in blankets because we weren't use to seeing single digit temperatures.

Sunday we attended church service and, yes, breakfast out. (I'm seeing a pattern here!). I was able to connect with a good friend/former classmate for a visit too. Ironically our last visit in June was interrupted when her son, and Matt's good friend, needed her to bring him a uniform item for his Guard Weekend. We visited in the car while driving the country side. This time our chat started at her kitchen island and was soon detoured when her son needed a ride to their shop in town and then out to a friend's farm where he could pick up his snowmobile. Not being strangers to "road trips" (that was a lifetime ago and shall not be discussed in front of our children), Shelly and I eagerly hopped into the car with Phil and continued our visiting behind the wheel.

Monday we got our ducks in a row, packed our belongings and had one more meal out with the folks before heading back to Milwaukee's airport and our flights to Idaho. We sat through a 3-1/2 hour layover at O'hare and 45 minutes of de-icing before finally getting airborne for Boise. Our late arrival was met by Matt, allowing us to be the very first one's to wish him a midnight birthday greeting.

The good news is I still managed to lose a half pound!

However, Tuesday's 7am work arrival came wa-a-a-ay too early!

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