Friday, January 22, 2010

Just the Cool Kids!

I work with women. The majority of our sites see only women for mammograms. This week I've been working at our diagnostic site and yes an occasional man is seen, as they are not immune to breast cancer. However, the majority of men we see at this particular site are husbands.

Today I want to acknowledge how much we, the Associates who are registering patients, are doing to keep our lovely techs and nurses sheltered from small bladdered males!

We only allow women to use the restrooms in the back area. The majority of our patients are women and some have a great deal of modesty. We respect that about them. The husbands are asked to use the restrooms located in the main hospital - not far from our entrance.

Apparently it's quite a task to walk back out the door, down the stairs and into the hospital (it's not as far as it seems) to relieve themselves. It's preferred to stand at the short wall next to our registration desk and drone on and on about how it's discrimination to keep them from using the restrooms in the back - despite the fact it was explained to them the penis to vagina ratio behind said closed door.

Today after the first delightful gentleman left, his intellectual, chunky friend arrived. When he wasn't having a very loud conversation on his cell with his buddy he was making unsolicited small talk with us. He shared his knowledge of facts on breast cancer awareness in the male populus (not quite accurate) and felt that should be good enough numbers to get him entrance into the back.

Like one of those big city clubs, Megan and I are here at the door with our scanner and velvet rope only letting in the cool kids! Surely it's five o'clock somewhere!


Lynn said...

How irritating. : (

Well? At least it's Friday!

Amy pipes in... said...

HA HA Way to hold yer ground girls!