Tuesday, January 12, 2010

And so it begins...

January. The first month of a new year. This is the last year of the decade (though it's been said it's the first). I turn 50 this year and for some perverse reason I'm excited about this event.

Perhaps I'm happy to be the first of my siblings to reach this milestone. Duh. I'm the oldest. Maybe because soon my mother will have to admit her oldest child is FIFTY YEARS OLD! No matter - Come July I will have survived a half a century. Wow! It's an amazing feat when I stop and ponder some of the not-so-intellectual things I've managed to get myself into.

Last year was a very emotionally trying year. We inched our way, passing the days one at a time, with a renewed outlook and strength and guidance we received from God.

This year I want the changes to be physical. I've slowly been shedding a few pounds here and there. My chin has fewer friends. I've reduced a size in my slacks. It's time to take this a step further. I have six months. Realistically my goal is 50 lbs. but my ultimate goal is 70 less Deb pounds.

I joined a team of 13 people from work and signed up to participate in the Treasure Valley Weight Loss Challenge. There are very large monetary prizes. I figure it couldn't hurt to see what happens.

Mike and I rejoined the YMCA. I enjoyed the Total Body Conditioning class from last spring but even more have enjoyed my new evening routine of walking on the treadmill and catching my favorite 9pm TV show. There are so many options and with my varied work schedule I need to find a routine.

Tonight I stepped outside of the box and tried the Eliptical Machine. I've spent two days watching this little anorexic, hyperactive adult/child fling her skinny wing-like arms and bird legs for 30 minutes so thought I'd give it a try. I didn't last long - the 'burn' was quickly a sharp pain in my knee. Good thing Mike set us up with an appointment this week for 'how to' instructions on the machines. In no time I'll be burning away the calories and doing my best to keep my not so skinny wing-like arms from flopping in the wind like a flag. Ideally we should have taken advantage of our youngest's month long home visit and thrice weekly trips to the Y to work out. Can't you just imagine how excited he would be to give instruction to his uncoordinated mom?! I can see his eyes rolling from here!

Yes - to quote the Momma who just left the Biggest Loser tonight - when I'm done you will see a new, sexy senior citizen... ok so I'll just be happy with less.


The Little Family that Could... said...

I LOVE he part about the arms flapping like wings! I felt the same way hen I tried the eliptical - and looked stupid! Boy that thing reall kicks butt though, you have a great writing style and you always manage to crack me up! And you ARE beauiful. Your WHOLE family is gorgeous momma!

Trana Family said...

I just love you to death!! You can do anything you set your mind too!! Next thing we will hear is that you are bench pressing that little girl with the flapping arms!!