Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Working out can be hazardous to your health...

As part of our healthy living, we've been going to the Y to work out. Today Mike and I headed over when I got home from work. Into the Y - up the stairs to the Health and Fitness area. I'm heading for a treadmill knowing I will walk off about 300+ calories by the time I'm ready to leave. I think I hear a whoosh and a metal clang.

Turning around, what do I see but my husband at my feet and his Sigg water bottle rolling away with a large dent. Initially I am focused on the new Sigg bottle - the pretty red one - and the large dent! Then I reach for Mike, asking him if he's ok. He's trying to get up. People are crowding around. The young kid who helps in the area looks panicked and is waving across the room like a wind mill hoping his supervisor will see his need for assistance.

Mike is ok and I help him up off the ground. Suddenly I look and notice something not quite right. He has a serious scrap on his wrist. Ok - so not deadly but we'll keep an eye on it since he takes coumadin. And his hand.... holy heck... his finger is not pointing the right direction! It looks like it's cramping - with a mind of it's own. No blood. No reason to panic. However it's seriously not pointing the right direction. I'm not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV. I haven't even stayed at a Holiday Inn Express. But I know for certain it's not natural for one finger to point off to the side. The mere glance at it makes my stomach lurch and my body shiver.

The best we can figure, he stumbled on a metal bar from a piece of equipment, either left out or sticking out. He hit his knee or hip against it - both have bruises. He may have tried to catch himself or hit his hand against some equipment. It happened so fast.

We avoided the converging Y staff responding to the Code whatever... and opted for our own ride to the ER instead of a First Responder and Ambulance from Station 10. Every time I looked over at him in the passenger seat I felt my stomach lurch again. Ok so quit looking! We sent a message to the kids letting them know our work out was cut short and instead we would be visiting the ER.

The drive over was amusing for whatever reason. Mike tested out his ability to 'flip' someone off. He lifted his hand to wave at passer-bys. He tried his Boy Scout pledge with no success. He did have an excellent Vulcan greeting or "V" peace sign. He continued to perfect his Mork impersonation - Nanu Nanu. His concern was not the disjointed, crazy pointing finger but why didn't I keep a nail file in my car because he chipped his thumb nail when he fell. It was crazy. I had no choice but to laugh. If I didn't laugh (and I did) I would have been upset, crying or completely grossed out.

The ER staff at St Lukes was wonderful. (Of course!) We were quickly checked in and seen in a small room. In between staff visits Mike continued to entertain me. I think he was testing my tolerance for gross. We couldn't help but notice the posted sign promoting Fall Prevention for Elders... (which immediately set me into a giggle). Mike received pain meds. They took xrays - no fractures - so the finger could be put back in place. It was just dislocated. Whew. The Doc took Mike's hand in his and gentley maneuvered the finger straight. Honestly I didn't watch. He used words like pull, ease and slide. They put a splint on his finger, wrapped his hand and sent us on our way - with all his fingers pointing the same direction!

I pointed out to Mike what restrain I had as I hadn't even blogged or posted a message on "My Face" about his tumble. He laughed (pain meds I'm sure) and said "go for it"... So I did!

Once again I have confirmed my inability to ever be a nurse. Beyond the lurching stomach and the queasiness I was still laughing at inappropriate times... including the stoplight on the way home where we couldn't help but notice the billboard proudly proclaiming "Disasters Happen".

Some people will go to such extremes to avoid a work out!


skinton said...

OWOOOUCH! That looks like it hurt bad. Glad you're on the road to recovery.

Jorgan said...

Holy cow, that looked really bad, leave it to Shaw to gross out the passer by's!! You crack me up Miss comic relief, I'm glad you didn't toss your cookies!! No worse for the wear?? A few more gray hairs??Keep smiling beautiful!!