Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Attention Shaw Family Members

I feel it's important to remind our family that there is a 'no drama' clause for the 2010 year. You have a genetic obligation to adhere to this binding agreement!

Remember we talked about it? We were going into the new year with a clean slate, fresh outlook, new start.

So right off the bat, the family Patriarch sets the stage. Two weeks into the new year and my husband had a doctor appointment to investigate a problem he's having only to come home with an appointment for surgery! Ahem - that's not part of the 'no drama' agreement.

Fortunately the doctor feels the discovered growth is not malignant and we trust his instinct and are not fretting. It's day surgery. A day of coffee, reading and knitting (and a small amount of fretting) for me while Mike endures the procedure.

Yesterday we got a morning call from Mike's oldest daughter in Texas. Renee said that her sister Tonya fell through the ceiling from the attic to the garage. She was putting Christmas decorations away and stepped off one of the rafters thru the ceiling. Goodness...

Fortunately Dan, Tonya's husband, was not at work but at the nearby school with our granddaughter Mikayla for a Father-Daughter event. (By the way it was Mikayla's 10th birthday.) Tonya came to on the cement floor next to the car in great pain. The ankle looked broken, the arm was suspect and she had a bump on her head.

In the ER they did xrays and a cat scan. She indeed broke her ankle, crushed the bone in her heel, has a contusion and sprain to her arm and a knot on her head. No concussion. Tonya will be on crutches for 2-3 months. She's immobile for now as she can't use the crutches because of the arm trauma.

The orthopedist wanted to see her too. She's scheduled for surgery next Wednesday. She'll sport a new 'bionic' heel with steel plate and pins. They will inject bone marrow from her knee into the tissue to help with the regrowth in the heel.

It could have been SO much worse. We feel so blessed to know God was with her. Dan was going to put the decorations away but Tonya didn't want the cleaning lady to have to work around them. The thing is - I can see any one of the Shaw women doing this exact thing themselves instead of waiting for our husbands.

The knot in our shoulders from worry yesterday is diminishing. My husband and I are both so grateful to know Tonya wasn't more seriously hurt! It was impressive the way our family rallied around her (no biological lines drawn in the sand) - sending love and support from afar. Everyone learned a huge lesson... slippers work well on a balance beam and not so well in the attic.

And in the future we'd be greatly pleased if our family would refrain from further drama! It's only January!

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