Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Prayerful, Productive, Positive and Personal Week 3

Thursday, February 28th
I wish I could say I've held myself to task but honestly today was just another day at work. Steady. Projects. No complaints. No productivity either. I'm thankful February is a short month. I know folks who have stepped up their work out challenge or added a creative task to their days this month... Me, you ask? Nope. Like a named Chinese New Year, I've declared today as the official end of the month of The Slug. You should see my 'To Do' list for March!

We hit the road tomorrow after work. My bag is packed, and the rest (camera, deck of cards, iPod, book and wine!) is organized on the table for loading.

Friday, March 1st
It's a good time to reflect as we drive along the Columbia River gorge. The stars shine brightly in the sky. The river is a vast span of darkness across to the other side where a long train stretches out across the landscape. A good reminder of the season we are honoring. Be prayerful. Be productive. Stay positive and remember to be true to your own person.

Saturday, March 2nd.
Sometimes a day starts out with a bright outlook and in the blink of an eye (or the ding of a text) your entire life changes. It's how you handle the changes that can make or break you. Of course this is 50 plus years of heartache, anxiety and experience speaking. I looked for the positive. Sometimes excuses are just that - excuses. Ask for forgiveness. Move forward with as much trust as one can muster. Toss aside anything being put in your way that is meant to cause more pain. Work with what you have control over. And pray.

Sunday, March 4th.
We enjoyed God's creativeness today. Our personal day. The beauty of the vast ocean. The majestic bald eagles soaring over head. Moments of contemplation and prayer on the beach in memory of our family who have passed on.

Monday, March 5th.
Wondering how our family is and anxious to speak to every one again. Being out of range was a test in trusting prayer for guidance. We stopped to share a meal with our oldest grandson, his wife and meet our two sweet great granddaughters! How's that for a positively personal day!

Tuesday, March 6th.
Today wasn't much more than a restful day. Productivity took place though not volumns. Laundry is caught up.  Bags unpacked. House organized again.  Even made soup for dinner.  Spent the morning with our favorite five year old. He has a cold.  And the way I feel right now I'd say he's sharing again.  Oh well.  If I got a few germs while cuddling with him on the sofa so.be.it.  It was my personal moment!

Wednesday, March 7th.
Back to work which means productivity at it's finest...  (stop giggling). Had a great morning relaxing with our favorite five year old before going in to work. 

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