Saturday, March 23, 2013

One of THOSE Days...

It seems every project I planned to work on went south. I wanted to paint in the bathroom but the walls needed to be prepped... I emptied cupboards and then Mike started the walls.

I thought I'd scan some photos - I have lots... And spent 3 hours getting two different laptops updated, printer software updated, and still no scanner. You would think with two options I could at least get ONE to work. I was assured awhile back "all you have to do..."

Just once I would love to sit down at the computer and NOT have to unplug a cord, add a cord, reboot a computer, and find there were a dozen other things to complicate matters.

I had hoped for a more productive weekend and some 'feel good' personal time. I will be working full time for three weeks in April and wanted to see progress.

I hate technology today. I'm going to turn off my phone, close the blinds and take a nap. Grrrrr...

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