Sunday, March 31, 2013

4P's for Lent and Celebrating Easter

With the season of Lent winding down, we celebrate the rebirth of Jesus.  Lent is always such a cleansing period, and Easter is a re-awakening.  Fortunately this year the weather also added an additional pop to the big day. 

We gathered with our sons, daughter-in-laws and favorite five year old for Mass Easter morning.  As Father shared the Homily I enjoyed hearing him share his personal moments of sacrifice and change during Lent. 

After church we met up at our home for a family meal.  Krieg invited an unexpected guest who was traveling from Portland, OR, relocating to Syracuse, NY.  We'd met RP two summers ago when he hosted a Rhino Lacrosse Camp in Boise.   Krieg was working at the camp after meeting RP and team over in Oregon.  Naturally we had to extend some Shaw Hospitality when they came to town. 

Holiday or not, the Shaw family table has no boundaries and all are welcome.  I think both Mike and I enjoyed how Krieg knew RP would be welcome without asking first.

Missing from our family gathering was our new parents and newest grandson.  With their work schedules and hockey season sneaking out of town with a nearly 2 month old baby wasn't on the agenda.  Besides they were anxiously awaiting the arrival of Chris' dad and Kathy, who were driving to Idaho from Michigan soon.
Cute Easter Bunny 
She loves being a Momma
After a meal with several new dishes, we took in some vitamin D and added some photographs to go with our Easter memories.  

Our Easter Family
With Brit
Tater got a fun Creationary Lego game.  Much like Pictionary but you have to build something out of Legos and have others guess...  My coordination with Legos is nil (ask my sons) and my recent attempt at building with my favorite five year old was an epic fail - and that was WITH the "map" so I abstained from the game.

Overlook the shaggy beard.  My hubby has accepted our son's Duck Dynasty beard challenge...  winner to be determined the last week of July at Kalaloch.  (Oh goodie...  April...  May...  June...  July...)

Krieg and RP

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