Thursday, March 14, 2013

Prayerful, Personal, Productive and Positive Week 4

Thursday, March 7th - Wednesday, March 13th
It's been a bit difficult this week to focus on the 4 P's for Lent.  Sometimes the noise from your life gets in the way and focus becomes difficult.  Instead I dove into work and tried to gain a new perspective on life around me. 

Day Light Savings occurred this weekend, ready or not.  Mostly not.  I will definitely enjoy the later sunset.  I just hope the extended daylight hours will infuse my senses and propel me into any form of activity at this point.  We didn't start out well.  Saturday night we stayed up late and watched four hours of Lincoln television shows on the DVR, well past the 2am time change. Needless to say noon seemed appropriate for rising from our slumber.

Sunday was tough.  It was nearly 3:30 pm before we finally shed our sleeping clothes and moved into forward motion. 

Somewhere during the day I started a little de-cluttering and cleaned decor items from top of the kitchen cabinets.

Monday was officially National Napping Day.  We were very happy to oblige.  Our favorite five year old was delivered to our doorstep in the morning when his other grandparents headed off to work.  His dad is up north in school again and his mom joined her sister and brother-in-law on a trip to Las Vegas.  We are very happy to have him with us for a few days.  When I go back to work he will return for two more nights with his other grands and then head north with us Friday night.

One of Tate's favorite activities is making his own pizza for dinner.  I made up dough and had the toppings ready for preparation.  Auntie 'Rissa came for dinner and we were joined by Tio for sundaes.  Tate enjoyed hanging out with them.

Today we enjoyed sunshine and warm temperatures.  Tate asked to walk home from school so it gave me a reason to get outside when walking over to pick him up.  We stopped in the park to swing and climb around awhile.  Once home we decorated the porch and house with our Easter decorations.  Tate started some raking in the back yard while I made dinner.  Our big after dinner plans to make a train engine using the 'map' in his Lego magazine wasn't quite as successful as Drahma wasn't able to find the 1x4 flat pice with axles needed.  Papa joined us and was able to convince the Master Builder we could build with other parts - so far so good.  As our day winds down, our favorite five year old crashed hard.  I think he sets a good example!

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