Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Kindergarten Cop

As I was getting my escort to work this morning, and during our weekly Slug Bug game, we passed a older Boise Police car. They recently changed over to the sleek black Dodge Chargers.

Our favorite five year old told us he liked the black cars better because the lights were hidden. He went on to tell us he was going to drive the black cars on his job. I questioned what job he was talking about... And was informed that he was going to be a cop.

Papa asked him if he would want to stop in to see us and have a cup of coffee when he is a cop. I told him I would be sure to make cookies, to share, with his coffee.

I was quickly told in a very serious voice "coffee is fine but real cops eat doughnuts."

We giggled the rest of the way in to work...

Crazy Hat Day at school today

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